Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seeing Red

After worrying about whether these reds would run, I decided to wash and iron them all - not fun, but now it's done.  Several of them ran quite a bit so I'm glad it did it.  I have decided to use my reds, pinks and grey for my version of Easy Street.
When I looked at these pictures, I realized that several of the fabrics were reading really purple.  They have been pulled and are in a pile for another project.
A sweet friend of mine offered me some of her white/black fabric stash after reading my post where I had run out of enough variety.  I also made a trip to Mary Jo's (happy dance) while I was at my daughter's house in Charlotte over New Years.  Even though the prices have gone up, it's still a wonderful place to shop.  I'm very pleased with my collection of white and black prints now.
I'm hoping that my selection of colors will work well for Easy Street.  Since I cheated and waited until the final picture came out, I had a better idea where I wanted the colors to go.  The units so far have gone together very well.
My first 2 days of work have gone fabulously!!!  Monday night I fell asleep in the chair trying to work on a binding LOL!  I guess my little brain was completely exhausted.  I think it's going to be a really good fit for me.  I'm off to sew :).


Janan said...

How do I decide when enough is enough? I have so many UFO's, it is unbelievable!! Yet, I am wanting to start not just one, but 2 more projects! Sherry's shop is planning a "Round Robin", and I was thinking - maybe participate and make a tablerunner? Each person in the group must add a border to your started beginning square, with 5 people in the group.

And my friend Faye just shared with me that Shabby Fabrics has the FREE pattern for 2012 still on their web page, the pattern is sew cute little cottages. . . might be a fun way to use up some scraps. . . . . .
hmm. . hmm. . . hmmm - decisions, decisions. . . . .I do have plenty of thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda H. said...

You are well and truly Wonder Woman. Taking on "Easy Street" (it sure doesn't seem so easy-looking to me!), AND a new job. Wow! But SO glad to hear the job is a fit. Yay!

Linda H. said...

P.S. So Ms. WW, why aren't you also taking on the ScrappyTripAlong that every blogger and her sister is doing!? Hmmm?

Wendy said...

You've been busy, both projects look interesting. Now that's pretty tired, falling asleep and sewing together.

quilter said...

Wow, you are busy and a new job too! I had wondered if you were in Charlotte over the holidays. Please let me know (if you have time) the next time you are in Charlotte.


Janet said...

What a great project, I'm loving how the pinks and reds look. I'm so glad to hear your job is going great.