Friday, January 4, 2013

Not Much Progress...

We are still in NC enjoying our family, but will head back to Florida tomorrow.  I haven't done much on this trip except for eat, play cards, watch football, eat and play with my grandchildren.  All in all, it's been pretty perfect.
I am slowly making progress on my little project.
I'm done with the machine piecing and have been trying to work on the applique.
I know when this gets done I will love it!! But I've had trouble getting into a groove.
This picture of my mom and me was taken as we were leaving my parents' house in High Point, NC.  We played about 100 games of Skipbo - and I'm not exaggerating :)!!!!  Such fun.
Happy New Year to you all, this year has been such a fun one for me as I've gotten to know some of you so much better.  I've got news that I'll post about in a few days.....


Janan said...

I can see where you get your beauty from. Your mom is so beautiful!
I like the Civil War Pomegranate pattern, is it from a series or a book? Can you share with us?

Linda H. said...

What a special picture of you and your mother. You're both beautiful women! I know what you mean about "getting into" a project... but happily, once one gets going, it usually goes better than expected. I'm off to do some more FMQing, when I'd really rather be arranging blocks to sew together another UFO quilt top.

Angie said...

Beautiful picture of you and your Mother. :) I LOVE the pattern you're working on.

MamaT said...

You and your mom have the most gorgeous hair! If I thought mine would look like that, I'd stop coloring it!