Sunday, January 27, 2013

Workshop Update

I spent the last 2 days in Gulf Shores, AL leading a workshop on my variation of the Pineapple Nine Patch Quilt.  I was invited by the Island Quilt Guild.  What a fun time we had.

  I'm pretty sure I got pictures of everybody - all at various stages of progess.
  In addition to the resident members of the guild, the "snow birds" had arrived!!  There were people from all over - Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Canada, Kentucky and probably some places I've forgotten.  There was even a permanent RVer in the group.
  They all look pretty happy :).
  And they look very serious about their sewing.
  Some worked in pairs,
  some worked alone.
  The variety of fabrics was so inspiring.  I affectionately called the one on the right the "Salsa" quilt - it was hot and spicy!
  There was lots of visiting around to check and see how everyone else was doing.
  These 3 really had their things spread out!
  These 4 from my home guild in Pensacola were little busy beavers - getting some progress made along with all the fellowship.
  These bright Kaffe blocks were really looking good.
  As Saturday afternoon wound down and people started leaving, I found these 3 willing to show their blocks. 
Thanks for inviting me - I had a ball.  And I hope to be able to share lots of these quilts in the near future.  Keep sewing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Final Piece of the Puzzle

It was fun reading your suggestions and choices, but in the end, the dark grey won out.    So each pink block gets the same dark grey and each red block gets the pink batik.  It's a very small attempt to corral this very loud and wild quilt!  I did appreciate how many red people gave their opinion, but in real life this quilt is VERY red.  I may add a little red in the borders.
Here's the fabric I chose.  I have to say that this is quite possibly one of my favorite lines ever!!  I have this line in at least 10-15 colorways.  I'm so glad it's still available.  This grey was a last minute choice at MJ's last month.
So I'm on to pinning blocks and putting the top together.  Hope to finish this one soon :).

Monday, January 21, 2013

Making the Final Choice

This is as much of this quilt as I can fit on my design wall. A 15" block takes up a lot of room!  My set will finish at 3 x 4 blocks ( not 4x4 like Bonnie's).  You can see the border and the bottom setting triangles laying on the floor, there isn't room for them either.
Here's my last decision, the center of the main block.  The light grey (shown previously) is in the upper left, other greys are in the next 3 blocks, with a red in the center block.  I know which one is my favorite, what do you think??
I'm ready to get this one done and down off the wall.
Have a great Monday,

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Retreat Update

On Wednesday I travelled to Gulf Shores, AL to present a trunk show for the Island Quilters Guild.  It was so much fun and I ran into a few friends from Mobile who had attended the retreat I led last August.  I asked whether any of them had finished their Pineapple Nine Patch.  One girl said she had and had given it away as a wedding gift.  She sent me this picture - I am blown away!!  Wish I could have seen it in person - it's beautiful.  Well done Mary!!
I am going to be leading a 2 day workshop for the Island Quilters next week, and we'll be doing this same project.  The snow birds are in town and we have a good group signed up.  Can't wait to see what these new quilters create.
Have a great Friday, I'm off to work :).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Building a Quilt

Well, it's started - the  cutting is done and the blocks are coming together.  I've put the soft grey in the first block, as I build the quilt I'll audition other fabrics.
I'm pretty sure I know what it needs just by looking at the pictures.  Any thoughts??
  I'm thinking of using a dark grey inner border and the light grey floral for the outer border.
Back to sewing - it's getting fun now!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Last block - ready, set, go

Here is the last block - I only need to make 6 of these.  I think I'm going to use the same pink batik for all the centers of this block.  Not only do I really like this fabric, I think it will give a small dose of continuity to a very scrappy quilt.
My first group of pink seemed so intense, so when I realized I needed 54 more pink squares, I added some softer ones.  I'll see if they work when I start to sew.
Here is the last unit - these reds are a very strong element.  I still have no idea if this colorway is going to work.
But I've been collecting these reds for a while so I'm glad to be able to use them.  As much as I really like the grey polka dot, I hope it's not going to be too distracting.
Here are all the units, ready to me to start :).  I'll be in the office working tomorrow, so they will have to wait for me :).
I'm anxious to see my version of Easy Street start to take shape.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finally Adding Pink

It's been so much fun finally getting to add the pink and get a glimpse what this quilt is going to look like.  My first thought was - it's a lot of pink!!  I've heard other people say that about the green (which is my pink).
This picture shows the corner unit, the setting triangle side unit and one of the blocks.  These blocks finish at 15" which is huge!
I'm using a dark grey for my third color - it's Bonnie's purple.  The center of this block should be the same color as the little squares and the flying geese - which would be the dark grey.  I didn't take a picture of it, but it looked too bold and contrived.
I'm trying out a lighter grey print that I haven't used anywhere in the quilt, and I'm thinking of doing every block  the same.                       Any thoughts?
I've been cutting all afternoon and thought I was done with the pink, but then I realized I didn't have the blocks cut for Block B - I need 54 more.  I am making my quilt 3 by 4 instead of 4 by 4 which will be big enough for me.  I may need to add something on the sides, but that's a ways off.  The only unit I have left is the red square with the grey wings.  So it's back to the cutting table for me.
Until next time,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Still on Easy Street

I had such a fun day strolling down Easy Street with my greys and reds.  It was a grey, dreary day in Pensacola, so I was happy to spend the day in my studio.  I'm not sure why I am so comfortable sometimes with repetition.  I tend to do a lot of quilting without patterns or directions, so there are times when it's nice to sew and not have to figure everything out!  And Bonnie makes it so easy!
I'm realizing I should have used EQ7 to test my color placement.  I'm really hoping that I shouldn't have switched the pink and red.  I will know soon enough.
I'm really loving the black and white prints.  I've never really collected these (which is why I didn't have enough) but they are so fun!!
Since I had to buy some, I'll have some left over to use in another project.
Loving this so far.  One more step and I get to start using the pink!!  I think I'm getting close.
Going to have lunch today with a blogger friend - how fun.
Have a great day,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seeing Red

After worrying about whether these reds would run, I decided to wash and iron them all - not fun, but now it's done.  Several of them ran quite a bit so I'm glad it did it.  I have decided to use my reds, pinks and grey for my version of Easy Street.
When I looked at these pictures, I realized that several of the fabrics were reading really purple.  They have been pulled and are in a pile for another project.
A sweet friend of mine offered me some of her white/black fabric stash after reading my post where I had run out of enough variety.  I also made a trip to Mary Jo's (happy dance) while I was at my daughter's house in Charlotte over New Years.  Even though the prices have gone up, it's still a wonderful place to shop.  I'm very pleased with my collection of white and black prints now.
I'm hoping that my selection of colors will work well for Easy Street.  Since I cheated and waited until the final picture came out, I had a better idea where I wanted the colors to go.  The units so far have gone together very well.
My first 2 days of work have gone fabulously!!!  Monday night I fell asleep in the chair trying to work on a binding LOL!  I guess my little brain was completely exhausted.  I think it's going to be a really good fit for me.  I'm off to sew :).

Monday, January 7, 2013

Angels Watching Over Me

        Some of you may remember that last Dec. I shared that I had lost my job at the lawfirm where I had worked for 18 years.  The partners decided to close the doors.  I have spent the past year doing some contract work, looking for work and being on unemployment.  Today I started a new job.  This job is the answer to a lot of prayers, and it looks like a perfect fit for me!!!  It will be part time, very flexible, working as an administrative assistant for a tax attorney who now has his own financial planning/ wealth management firm. 
This is one of the angels from my angel quilt.  It seems that the angels have been watching over me this year.  Today was a good day, a great start to a new chapter in my life.  Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?? :)
Hope you all had a great day,

Friday, January 4, 2013

Not Much Progress...

We are still in NC enjoying our family, but will head back to Florida tomorrow.  I haven't done much on this trip except for eat, play cards, watch football, eat and play with my grandchildren.  All in all, it's been pretty perfect.
I am slowly making progress on my little project.
I'm done with the machine piecing and have been trying to work on the applique.
I know when this gets done I will love it!! But I've had trouble getting into a groove.
This picture of my mom and me was taken as we were leaving my parents' house in High Point, NC.  We played about 100 games of Skipbo - and I'm not exaggerating :)!!!!  Such fun.
Happy New Year to you all, this year has been such a fun one for me as I've gotten to know some of you so much better.  I've got news that I'll post about in a few days.....