Thursday, August 18, 2011

My New Little Tote Basket

First, let me say we are still waiting, but all is well. I've been busy with leaves, but wanted to share pictures of my newest tote basket. My DDIL, besides waiting for her baby, has a fabulous home based business. She recently made me this little monogrammed tote. It is the most wonderful size to carry my small projects in when I go to work. You can see my new tree quilt peeking out of the top. (And doesn't it look good next to "Beauty Waits", which still inspires me daily.

She does such beautiful work and I've so enjoyed this as it's a big improvement to sticking my project in a leftover plastic bag.

So I'm off to applique more leaves, try and concentrate at work and wait for the phone call.

Have a great day.



teresa said...


I love that tote ~ Does your DDIL have a website? or an ETSY store?

Vivian said...

That's a wonderful bag! Son and DIL bought me a similar one in Germany (commercially produced), and it's definitely the stylish, handy way to grab and go with projects. I love mine, and I know you'll continue to love yours.

Linda said...

How coincidental is this?... I read your blog post about that cute tote, and thought to see if they're available here. Then, I went to my Des Moines MQG meeting and there was our program speaker using a tote just like it! She said her daughter had sent it to her and "everyone in Portland is carrying them." I was told they're in the summer discount area of Target. Of course they wouldn't have the pretty monogram yours does, but how ironic that I'd never seen one and then see two and learn all about them in one day!? Thanks for showing us.

Rose said...

That tote is lovely and looks so well made!

Darlene said...

Why do I keep missing your posts??? aarrgghh!

This tote is darling - love the added monogram. It's a great grab-n-go but would be awesome sitting by a stitching chair, as well.