Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Tree Grows in Pensacola

I have been seriously sidetracked for the last few days. I decided I needed another tree for my office. I started with a beautiful piece of batik I got for my birthday last year. Then I decided to use a piece of fabric I got off the share table at Guild. It's probably a rayon blend, but it's nubby and wonderful texture. I made this tree a little more substantial and decided to hand applique the whole thing.
I know, it takes more time, but I just love to applique, especially on a fairly small project. By the time I would have prepped all the fused pieces and machine appliqued everything, I feel like I pretty much had the tree done! Here's my bare tree ready for leaves.

I've had so much fun going thru my batik scraps and finding just the right pieces. Since I can't really draw, I'm so glad this doesn't have to look realistic :).

The tree is growing and it's looking more like a tree with every leaf!!

Until next time,



Pokey said...

It looks great, who is going to believe you can't draw?! I like your background, it looks like swirling fall breezes ~

MamaT said...

Love the tree! And the baby quilt. Baby yet?

Wendy P said...

I love it! It's very "Don't Look Now" with fall flavor! Can't wait to see it finished!

Karen said...

The tree will be a wonderful fall quilt for your office.

Terry said...

I've loved all your trees, but this one is my favorite! I just love the fall colors! :0)