Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am a Nana again

We finally got the call we've been waiting for - our baby was on her way. Here is her nursery all ready and waiting. Doesn't the Kumari Garden look wonderful for the curtains?
Here is her new quilt waiting for her. It looked perfect on the chair, just as I'd hoped.

And here she is, barely 12 hours old. After an emergency C-section, she made her long awaited arrival.

After driving for 9 hours, arriving at 1:00 AM and sitting in the waiting room with her other grandmother all night, we welcomed her at 5:18 AM on Friday morning. I then spent the better part of 3 days just staring at her.
Here she is at one day old - I'm still just staring at her.

And here she is being held by her great grandfather, sleeping so peacefully.

I've got a few more (LOL!!) pictures, but this is it for today. She is perfect, my DDIL is feeling better every day and we are so blessed we were able to be there for this miracle.

Thanks for sharing in my joy,


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Empty Space Filled

Here's my tree with the little inner border. I still need to decide how big to make the outer border. I'm trying to decide how I want to quilt it, that will determine how big I cut it. I'm not 100% sure I like it, but I wanted something different with this tree (my 3rd). It was fun seeing your predictions for my empty space, but I guess I'm too predictable. It is indeed a kitty :)!!
But this is a special kitty. Sitting there like this, he has the exact same profile as Rodger. And I made him light grey, just like Rodger. It's always hard to lose a pet, but it's been especially hard since I don't know what happened to him. But now, he will always be on guard, sitting in my tree.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Until next time,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Full Bloom

My tree is in full bloom. I've moved these leaves until I'm pleased with the layout. Unless something really bothers me in the next few days, I'm going to leave well enough alone.
Here's a close-up of the fabric I used for the tree. It has some blue in it which I thought might bother me, but from a distance you don't notice. Up close I like the dimension it gives. Hopefully my quilting will add and not detract from this. Not sure what I'm going to do yet.

There are still several elements left as you probably noticed the hole on the right side. Guess what's going in there?? Plus I'm going to add a border this time.

Hope your Saturday is productive and fun.

Until next time,


Thursday, August 18, 2011

My New Little Tote Basket

First, let me say we are still waiting, but all is well. I've been busy with leaves, but wanted to share pictures of my newest tote basket. My DDIL, besides waiting for her baby, has a fabulous home based business. She recently made me this little monogrammed tote. It is the most wonderful size to carry my small projects in when I go to work. You can see my new tree quilt peeking out of the top. (And doesn't it look good next to "Beauty Waits", which still inspires me daily.

She does such beautiful work and I've so enjoyed this as it's a big improvement to sticking my project in a leftover plastic bag.

So I'm off to applique more leaves, try and concentrate at work and wait for the phone call.

Have a great day.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Tree Grows in Pensacola

I have been seriously sidetracked for the last few days. I decided I needed another tree for my office. I started with a beautiful piece of batik I got for my birthday last year. Then I decided to use a piece of fabric I got off the share table at Guild. It's probably a rayon blend, but it's nubby and wonderful texture. I made this tree a little more substantial and decided to hand applique the whole thing.
I know, it takes more time, but I just love to applique, especially on a fairly small project. By the time I would have prepped all the fused pieces and machine appliqued everything, I feel like I pretty much had the tree done! Here's my bare tree ready for leaves.

I've had so much fun going thru my batik scraps and finding just the right pieces. Since I can't really draw, I'm so glad this doesn't have to look realistic :).

The tree is growing and it's looking more like a tree with every leaf!!

Until next time,


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clarification on Last Post

This is an update: I believe I have figured this out, at least for what I need to do. I'll work on it tonight and let you know. Thanks to all.
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I need to say that this is a picture of a quilt I found on-line, it's not one I've made. Unfortunately, when I went back to try and find it, so I could contact the person who made it, I couldn't find this quilt anywhere. So far, I've tried using a 4" center and sewing 2 rounds of logs and then cutting the block in half and re-sewing. The center matches up fine, but the logs don't line up.

So I'm hoping that my friend's quilt will look a lot like this one, but this one belongs to someone else!! I'm going to keep thinking about it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can you help me name this block?

Does anyone know the name of this block? Or how it's constructed. I should know this, but I think my brain is tired LOL!! I looked on EQ7 and didn't find it exactly.
Thanks for your help..... I'm helping another friend who's going to be a first time grandmother. She has already bought a jelly roll and a charm pack of Pure and she's fallen in love with this pattern.
Until next time,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ready and waiting...

My new granddaughter's quilt is done and now we're just waiting for a phone call :). We have 2 weeks left, but with a first baby you never know.....
I am so pleased with the way this quilt turned out. This is such gorgeous fabric and this simple design showcases that perfectly.

The two small inner borders and the single checkerboard border add just enough interest without getting lost. What surprised me is how green it looks. I'm so glad I decided to only add pink and turquoise.
The echo quilting on the petal blocks gives this very modern quilt that traditional look that I wanted.
I found a fun stripe with red, pink and pale yellow - a perfect contrast to the large floral design.

The "K" is not for Karen but for my new precious granddaughter, Karis.

And of the course the kitty. This time it did double duty as it's also the label. I had to add a background piece since it blended into the backing. So now I wait, trying to focus on another project. It's very hard :).

Until next time,