Friday, July 30, 2010

Exciting Friday

My exciting news is that I am the guest author today over at Stash Manicure!! Rae Ann asked me and I was thrilled. I'm talking about an idea I had last summer that evolved into a new program for our Guild. I am introducing MIAGIA's. Don't worry if you've never heard of it, it's a word I made up LOL!!! This is one of the quilts I made for the program.

And here's the quilt that started it all! I hope you'll go on over and read all about it.

See, Rodger didn't have a clue!! I hope you'll hop over to Stash Manicure and enjoy reading the whole story of MIAGA's. It's something I have become very excited about.

Until next time, make something beautiful.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not impressed...

This is my sweetheart, Rodger. He was "helping" me, then got so tired he needed a nap LOL. He doesn't know it but something exciting is happening to me on Friday!! So stay tuned and come see me. You might wonder how I can sew with so much stuff on my table, but if you see the little 1 1/2" squares - that's what I'm working on. So it doesn't take up much room. Hopefully this project will be ready for a reveal soon.

So until tomorrow, make something beautiful.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Off to Texas

Here's the latest t-shirt quilt, ready to send off. It's going to my niece's sister-in-law. I love doing these!! Each one is so unique - they each have a personality!
I guess that's because the people wearing them choose the shirts they feel reflect their personality.
I used a soft green thread on top and a varigated pastel yellow, pink and blue thread on the back.
I just love the aqua blue and green polka dot on the back. I also used it for the binding. For some reason my camera is not taking pictures that are true to color. The back is absolutely adorable!!
I hope she likes it!!
Until next time, make something beautiful,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Time to Change

Here's the next installment of the "Fireplace Quilts" series. This represents summer going into fall for me. It's an original adaptation of a little picture I saw in a quilt magazine years ago. Does anyone else cut out little pictures of quilts and put them in a folder? Well, I do, and this was one time I actually used it. As you can see from this previous post, I really like these flowers. I've used them before here. I love pulling in that dark red.

This was my first project to try several different techniques. I tried my hand at fused applique (flowers and leaves) and was very happy with how quickly it went together. However, I still used hand applique for the stems. The second thing I tried was to create a crazy patch piece of fabric for the ground and the wavy strip piece for the "sky". I'm very pleased with the way this turned out, the colors are very rich looking.
To me, this quilt in particular looks so good with the frame. It brings out all the gold in the wood.

And in case you think I forgot the kitty, here he is, hidden in the ground. What fun. I actually forgot where I put him, and had to hunt for a minute LOL!

Until next time, make something beautiful


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where did that go?

Remember this sweet fat quarter from Valentina?? It seemed to have the perfect color for a project that was almost finished. The cherry tree needed one more pink leaf. See it at the top left?? So now I will have a permanent reminder of Valentina. I love to put special pieces of fabric in a quilt. This project is ready for a pressing and then quilting. It is so cute!! Pictures soon.

Here's what has been taking all my time for the last few weeks. This is the back side of a project that may or may not ever happen. These are 1 1/2" squares cut (finished at 1"). It's for a challenge.

I'm really not sure what I'm doing (I've said that to myself about 100 times), but I've invested so much time, I hate to quit now. There will be 1,764 1" squares in it when it's done. I know, what WAS I thinking?? Between the cutting and pressing, I'm really ready to move on. I'm just afraid if I leave it now, I'll never come back. Anybody else know that feeling?? I've been taking a picture diary. If it turns out... I'll post. If not, well, let's hope for the best. It's an awesome quilt in my head, it just might not look that good in real life.
Until next time, make something beautiful.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Look What the Postman Brought!

Shortly after I began blogging, I landed in Valentina's Corner, and I became an instant fan and admirer. Valentina's blog never fails to make me smile, take a deep breath and relax for just a moment. About a month ago, she had a giveaway, and guess what...? I won! With all the rush of her getting ready to go to the Netherlands to be with her sister when she had her baby, she made time to send it off - all the way from Cyprus to Pensacola, Florida. I've been patiently waiting, and this week it came. First is this cute tin.

Inside was a pack of ribbons and rick rack and a fat quarter of beautiful rose fabric.

There was also a small tin of Vintage Paisley "plasters", which I discovered are the cutest band-aids I have ever seen. They are definitely too cute to use :). My granddaughter Cameron was able to talk me into giving her one to take home.

But I've saved the best till last. In this cute bottle is the most amazing smelling Rose Water, hand made by Valentina!! And it made the long trip from Cyprus and arrived in perfect condition. I haven't opened the seal yet, but the smell even through the seal is heavenly. Make sure you click on the link and go to her blog and read all about how she makes Rose Water. Thank you Valentina!! Even though we may never meet, making new friends is the best thing about blogging.
Until next time, make something beautiful.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Circle Quilt

Last year our Guild had a challenge. We were given a bag with 5 items in it. We had to use 3 of the 5 and make a quilt 36" and it had to be a circle. I decided on a medallion style and instead of straight borders, I made them into a circle.
I really grew to love this quilt. I had used the inner border batik in another quilt, and had some left. So that became the basis for the color choices. The 3 items I chose to use were orange rick rack, multi-colored rainbow yarn and beads. I cut the yarn so I only used the yellow/orange section and attached it to the flower.
I decided to use each item in a single in each flower. I fused the flowers, but hand appliqued the vase.
This was my first attempt at this quilting design. I used 1" in the border and 1/2" inside. It's not perfect but I was encouraged and will definitely use it again.
I sold this to a co-worker who has it hanging in her breakfast room. Using embellishments is not something I ususally do (actually not ever - LOL) but I was really happy with the way this turned out.
Until next time, make something beautiful.