Saturday, September 3, 2016

Exciting News

I cannot believe it's been almost 3 months since my last post and that the summer is over.  In early June we traveled to High Point NC to move my parents to Pensacola. They moved in with us while waiting for their new apartment in a senior living community to be ready. They moved to my sister's house last week as my DH went into the hospital for his 4th total joint replacement- his 2nd shoulder. My plate has been rather full, and my blogging has been neglected. 

It in the midst of all this (plus working) I have been somewhat productive in my sewing room.  My big new concerns a quilt I made in early summer.

This is a pattern from Kim Brackett's latest book called Wildflowers. I found out about a quilt contest to benefit ALS.  You make a quilt and sent it in by July 31st.  So I decided to do that and use some fabrics I had been collecting for several years. Kim's pattern is well written (of course) but it's rather challenging as it has a lot of pieces, hand appliquéd centers and very fussy piecing.  Below are some progress pictures I posted on Instagram over the summer.

What I found out yesterday is that out of over 1100 quilts submitted for the ALS quilt challenge, mine was selected as one of 12 finalists!!  I am so humbled by this.  There will be online voting on their website  
For any of you that would like to vote for my quilt, I would be grateful.  The quilt will be given to someone who has ALS.  

Thanks for reading this far, and for sharing in my good news.

Happy stitching,

I'll post soon about my other projects.


julieQ said...

My mom died of AlS, so thank you so much for making such a beautiful quilt benefiting an ALS patient!!

---"Love" said...

What a wonderful thing you have done in donating your beautiful quilt to the ALS program. Whoever gets your quilt will be so pleased with your quilt! ---"Love"

Nifty Quilts said...

It's beautiful! How wonderful that you're giving it away. Surely it will cheer them greatly!

Barb said...

Oh you have been busy - I hope your husband is doing well. We've been through 3 shoulders....
Wonderful quilt - great colors. What a generous donation.

audrey said...

Wonderful quilt! I remember seeing the pattern. You have been a very busy lady.:)

Janan Doster said...

What a wonderful and kind thing for you to do. Just like you to do something so heartwarming and giving. The quilt is beautiful and I am sure the person that receives it will truly treasure it.

Marie said...

I just love this quilt and the way the colours just dance across it - what a great job. And congrats for being a finalist! Good luck!!