Friday, September 23, 2011

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

I am not sure how it got to be almost the end of September. I've been off in North Carolina being "Nana Girl" to my newest granddaughter and my 2 older grandies. What a blessing and what fun!! Before I left I had been working on this - my latest T-shirt quilt ready to go to Dallas, TX. Binding is done, it just needs a label.
The 2 biggest challenges with this quilt were the color palette for UCF (which is black and gold) and the fact that my niece is a size zero and these were the smallest t-shirts I have ever seen!!!!!! Her husband is also a UCF alum, so she included some of his shirts too. My first ever his and hers in the same quilt.
This block best shows the black and gold color palette.

There was also a navy shirt - oh well, I just had to ignore that one. But the quilting does show up good :). I free motion quilted an overall flower pattern.

Instead of going with the gold I decided to lean more toward the yellow.

I found a line of fabrics called Mellow Yellow that were kind of retro looking and so fun I knew immediately I would build the colors around that.

I found a black batik with yellow dots and swirls and a geometric in black, grey, gold and white which were not in the line. Perfect to even out all the daisies and flowers.

All the other fabrics used in the sashings were from the Mellow Yellow line.

The shirt is the top left corner was one of my nephew's shirts and I had to leave the placket in to be able to include the little knight. Looks kind of cool I think.

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. Each t-shirt quilt has it's own personality and that's the part of the process I like the best.

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FlourishingPalms said...

Very nice quilt! I do believe this is the first one I've seen that has been free motion quilted with a design that's more than straight lines! It looks really nice... though personally, I have no desire whatsoever to make a t-shirt quilt. Good for you to do that for a special family member. And how wonderful for you to spend so much time with your new grandbaby. You have much happiness in your life, I'm sure.

Angie said...

The quilt looks great, Karen! The fabric choices really pop with the t-shirts!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Totally awesome. Love the his and hers idea. Love the border and now I'm singing along. I've been collecting Ohio festival t-shirts for a quilt, one day. I need to attend a couple more festivals!!! Is there a possibility that you might share any tips on backing and cutting the t-shirts for the quilt?

BunkHouseQuilts said...

Very Nice Indeed~! I am making a t-shirt quilt right now and love how you did the "scrappy" sashing. I was just looking through my stash last night for enough fabric for my sashing. I might use this idea for my quilt. Thanks for sharing, it's so wonderful to see other quilters creative ideas!

Kim Brackett said...

Very cool! The fabrics you used look really good with the T-shirts. And the quilting shows up really well. Great job!

Uhm, where's the kitty?

Janet said...

It looks totally fabulous and the quilting looks r4eally great. I'm sure this one was a labour of love and will be very much appreciated.

Becky said...

Hi Karen, this quilt looks great. Making a t-shirt quilt is on my list of many projects. I've been hiding shirts in the closet that I want to use, and so far no one has missed them and gone looking for them! :) It's good to see how you put yours together. Glad you had fun with your little ones.

Lori said...

Great job!!

Karen said...

I used to help a quilt shop owner make T Shirt quilts for customers. Never made one for myself or anyone I know personally.

Vivian said...

Great quilt, lovely stitching. Such a great way to keep memories.

Whose song was Mellow Yellow? Donovan? Seeing your post title started a song running through my mind, and I think I'm hearing Donavan's voice (from those groovy, mellow 60s).

MamaT said...

Yes, the song is running through my head, too. Now you've started something! LOL. The quilt turned out great. I love the yellow fabrics.