Monday, March 28, 2016

So Many Combinations

I have had so much fun reading your comments in response to the giveaway for Scrap Quilt Secrets by Diane Knott.  Without counting the answers to my question, I think black and white is the winner so far.  But yellow and gray is a close second so I thought I'd share mine.  I made a yellow and gray quilt last fall, along with about 20 yellow and gray mug rugs. 
This was my quilt in the four patch quiltalong by APQ magazine.  I changed it up a little, but I love it!
I did a simple orange peel quilting design and it is perfect.
Here are the mug rugs done with all the leftovers from the quilt. 

 So I can say with confidence, if you want to make a yellow and gray quilt, go for it!  You won't be sorry.

Keep the comments coming, I'll draw on the 2nd.  And remember to visit all the sites to win a copy of Diane's book (see the previous post for the complete list).

Happy stitching,


Beverly C. Stigge said...

Hello Karen,
Your work is very nice!!! You have the eyes of a great color expert! So far I have been collecting, spray starching and cutting 2 1/2 inch strips to get my pallet ready for Diane's new book! Happy quilting!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I love this color combination--very cool! Your four patch quilt is awesome and I think the quilting was a perfect choice. I would probably have to sub blue for the gray though--lol!

Ali news said...

Always loved yellow...your quilt is lovely

Vivian said...

I wrote one of those "reluctant to work with B/W" comments. Your color sense is impeccable, Karen, in everything I've seen you create. Just reading about color combos doesn't have the impact of seeing together in a quilt. Every one of these gray/yellow projects is a beauty!

Cindy Maki said...

I have always loved black and white quilts, but this yellow and gray may be my next favorite. I love this combination.

Barb said...

it was great to see these projects. Just a fresh color combination.