Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'm Definitely Intrigued - Clues 4 and 5

I'm a little behind with the clues.  We spent a week in NC for Christmas and then I came home with either the flu or with some yucky virus.  I've finally felt well enough to be vertical, do some laundry, unpack and spend some time at the machine.  So all my clues are not finished, but at least I've done some of each.
Clue 4 has been kind of awkward for me.  The pieces have to be in exactly the right position and it's not easy to get into a rhythm.
Clue 5 was super easy, just squares.
So this is where things are right now.  With grey, cloudy skies in Pensacola, working with these colors has been so enjoyable.  My friend Linda at FlourishingPalms thinks maybe I've gone over to the "Bright Side" LOL.  Not so sure about that, but I have enjoyed these colors and I am so anxious to see where this is going.
My DGD had a show and share for me when we got to Charlotte.  She had displayed both of the quilts we've worked on together.
She was so excited to show me.
The best part of my Christmas this year was spending the day with these people, my family.  It was the first time in about 7 or 8 years we have all been together.  My brother, sister and I are so blessed to have been raised by these Godly and precious people.  I do not take it for granted to still have them in my life.
I wish you all a Happy New Year and maybe some stitching time.


Heather said...

I am all caught up but can't figure out how this one is going to go together. I too am intrigued!

Karen said...

I am not doing the mystery but have seen the parts on several blogs. I too am wondering just what it is going to look like. I haven't a clue.

Diane said...

Your DGD looks adorable! She is beaming with pride and she should be. What a wonderful gift you are sharing with her. Your photo with your parents is so good. Your mom is a so cute. I too am very curious about the mystery...hmmm.

Janan said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Terry said...

Happy New Year! :0)

audrey said...

Well, your quilt progress certainly seems happy about you going over to the 'bright side'! Love those colors together. The pic of your granddaughter is very sweet and it's lovely that you got to spend time with your family again. Very precious moments.

Vivian said...

All the family photos are fun to see -- the DGD proudly posing with her quilts, as well as you with your siblings and parents. How lucky we both are to have family members we can spend the holidays with.
Glad to read that you're feeling better and back to feeling like doing things. Sickness and holidays are NOT fun together.
Mystery quilt progress all over blogland. I got paint chips and was thisclose to starting, but didn't follow through. I'm also curious about how she'll have you put those parts together. How much fabric do you have left? A lot of yellow? decent amounts of black and aqua? No matter what Bonnie does, her designs are never disappointing.

Belinda said...

I'm not doing the mystery……..yet. I sure like seeing others pieces and parts of it though!

What a sweetie DGD!!! Proud of her quilts!!

Glad your Christmas was special and I hope the new year will be too!!

FlourishingPalms said...

Sure enjoy seeing YOU working on that mystery quilt. I know I'm late to this party, as I believe you're finishing it up... and you're also feeling a whole lot better now. Good! Your granddaughter and her quilts are just charming to see, and the picture of your family is precious. The family resemblances are amazing!