Saturday, May 24, 2014

Green and Purple - Part 3

I've found time to work a little on this fun piece - it's been another crazy week.  After thinking that the 4 corners were too empty, I'm auditioning some applique for the center block.  I think I like it, still considering...
And I've added another 1/2" green border and a 2" purple border.  Decided to add the paper pieced blocks in the corner.  It's getting close.  Last night as I was "studying" the quilt on my portable design wall in the living my DH (who hardly says anything about my quilts) said he liked the colors.  :)  So do I, it's a happy quilt.
We are having a quiet Memorial Day weekend.  It's our anniversary weekend -  41 years ago I married my college sweetheart.  How do the years go so fast?
Happy stitching,


Terri said...

Your quilt is so beautiful! I can't wait for you to reveal the center....happy anniversary.
Terri in Texas

Vivian said...

Enjoy your anniversary weekend. The years just zoom past, don't they?
Loving your purple and green quilt and looking forward to the total-quilt reveal one of these days. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying watching your progress.
BTW, I do want to order your "Vintage Blooms" pattern but have been waiting to hear from you re: how to pay for it. When you get a free minute, let me know. Again, Happy Anniversary!

QuiltSue said...

Happy anniversary. I hope you have a great weekend.

I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt revealed.

Janan said...

I love the happy colors in your quilt, please show the star, does it have a flower in the center????
If so, I need this pattern, I have been searching for it.!!

Karen said...

Purple is supposed to be the "in" color this year.

Kim Brackett said...

Happy Anniversary! That's a lot of years!

I have to see this quilt in person! I really like it, and you know I'm not a fan of purple. I may have to reconsider now. :-)