Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two down, one to go

This saying means many different things to different people.  Today, to me, it means that I have finished my second spool of hand quilting thread and I'm starting my third.
It also means that I have already put 440 yards of quilting thread into my Jubilee quilt.  I'm kind of glad I didn't know this particular fact when I started this project.  I still have 2 other colors to use, but those will be minimal amounts.  
There are many days when I'm not sure what possessed me to want to quilt this 70" square quilt with 1/2" grid cross hatching.  But most days I'm so happy with where this quilt is heading.
The dime shows you the scale.
I'm not sure if these visuals are helping me feel better or not!
I will say that I am almost done with the center.  It's not perfect by a long shot, but it will be done. Then it will be on to the flowers, the border, and  the 224 little petals, among other things.  I'm so glad our show is in April this year!  I'm hoping that finishing this is still doable.
I got a copy of this picture the other day.  My DH and I with our 4 precious grandies last Christmas.  It looks like such any easy thing, but I know many of you know how hard it is to get a picture like this. At least no one was crying :).
Happy stitching,


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I see you're using Gutermann thread. I'm using Some on my Storm at Sea and am hating it - it's so twisty, tangly and knots up so easily. I'm perplexed because I've used Gutermann in the past with no problems. But not this time. :-(

QuiltSue said...

Another award-winning quilt I reckon. It's looking absolutely wonderful.

Ruth said...

Oh yes, we know how hard it is. I just hate it when we leave after a visit and realize we don't really have any good photos! We take lots, but they aren't still for a second. The quilt it awesome. We're talking about a short trip to Pensacola sometime this spring and I'm leaning towards April - would love to come to your quilt show. Don't know yet, however.

Janan said...

I think your quilting looks wonderful, it looks so even. I have always read and heard that as long as all the stitches are even it will look nice, and I'm sure yours are fantastic!!
We had ice here for 4 days at our home, the roads were finally clear on Thursday afternoon. I don't mind a bit of cold, but we are not designed in southern Alabama to handle all this ice on the roadways and electrical systems.
Stay warm, have another cup of something warm, and quilt away!

Teresa said...

Your quilting is wonderful. 1/2"grids does sound overwhelming but just think how beautiful it will look when finished. Love they tire with the grandkids. I have 8 now and it is a miracle if I can get them all to be still long enough to get a picture. A promise of ice cream sandwiches usually does the trick

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

YOur quilting is beautiful, so happy to see handwork... I miss hand quilting, you inpsire me. The photo with the grandchildren is absolutely precious; I KNOW how difficult that is!

MamaT said...

Beautiful quilting and gorgeous grandchildren!

Diane said...

wonderful quilting-dare I say 1/2 cross hatching is crazy-
;) but it will be beautiful when you're finished!
Love the pic w/the grands-what a blessing!

Kim Brackett said...

What a treasure! I wish I had your patience.

Mayleen said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I don't hand quilt because of bursitis but I know this must be quite a commitment.

FlourishingPalms said...

I can't believe you're doing all that beautiful hand quilting, especially when you're so good at FMQing! Multi-talented, for sure! Has your Juki arrived yet? That's a great picture of you, your hubby and your grandies. Yes, I know how difficult it is to get a good photo with small children. This one is great. I'm sure you'll cherish it, and maybe even have printed it to hang on the fridge! Thought of you when Pensacola got hit with ice... After spending the night (again) in Pensacola, we beat feet out of town early that morning, just ahead of the ice storm that I think was there by noon. We arrived home at 1 pm to cooler temps, but nothing like what you experienced. As you said in your previous post, it will be interesting to see how the plants come through this spring.