Friday, December 7, 2012

Ready for Binding

The quilting is done, now I just need to find some binding fabric.
These are just the prettiest fabrics - kudos to Amy who was a pioneer in the field of vintage modern fabrics.  And even though these are from 4 different lines, they all blend so beautifully.
This still got a little washed out, I will get a perfect picture when the binding gets on.  The top part is pretty close to how it looks in person.  I'm totally out of my favorite AB fabric to use for bindings.  Will have to see what else goes.
The cactus are blooming again.  So little work to bring such beauty each year.
Have a great day,


Janan said...

Any Amy Butler "pink" fabric would make a great binding!

Thanks for sharing the Christmas cactus, they are beautiful blooms!

Barb said...

Beautiful! both the quilt and the cactus. Mine is pink too. I thought they were mostly red, but maybe not.

Pokey said...

That's a lovely quilt finish, scraps and all! I enjoy that kind of creating, also. My cactus has the buds, but it won't bloom until January. I guess that's the California weather difference, huh?

MamaT said...

My cactus has been blooming since before Thanksgiving. Yours is so beautiful!

Linda said...

Not being into vintage, I've never sewn with Amy Butler fabrics, but this is a gorgeous quilt. I can't believe how you're whipping out quilts right and left! You're definitely on a roll! The cactus plant is really pretty too. One of the pleasures of living in Florida is getting to see such color year 'round. It's great!