Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The First Sneak Peek

Our guild's opportunity quilt is officially under way.  It's name is "In Full Bloom" which is also the name of our show.  The center panel is done and today we had a cutting party with 9 members cutting their little hearts out!
Here are my plates full of little pieces!!
Most were 1 5/8" squares - hundreds of them.
There were also 1 1/4" logs cut for log cabin blocks.  Each size got stacked on their own plate, dark plates for the dark logs, light for the light.  It seemed to work great. Plus all the other blocks got their own plate.  I was worried they would fall in the parking lot on my way to the car... can you imagine how horrible that would be?  But they made it home fine :).
We used a lot of Edyta Sitar's fabric line Love Letters with stash added for variety.
We started here......
and here.  And while our quilt will look nothing like this one, it will our very own!  I'm very excited with the progress so far, and how the quilt looks just like the vision I had in the beginning.  Our sewing party will be next week.  I hope to have all the blocks done.  Then we will finish the applique row and put the top together.  It's a good thing I have LOTS of help! The quilt will finish at 100x100.  I know, I might be losing it.......
It's been a fun and long day.


Karen said...

I know I am going to love the quilt. The peek at the applique tells me that.

Are you the person in charge of the quilt? I have done that and did not like the job. One year, I did all the hand quilting on one.

Quilt Hollow said...

I love what I see so far!

Angie said...

It's going to be fun watching this quilt unfold!

Fiesta said...

Fabulous sneak peak

Heather said...

So exciting to see your quilt come together. It looks wonderful so far!

Vivian said...

You told me you like Edyta's work, and now I see proof of that connection. This guild quilt is going to be spectacular, I'm sure.

As a plate person from way back with my own cut quilt pieces, loud clapping from my corner for your wise use of the colored plates. Smart, practical, and time saving, especially with a group!

Sinta Renee said...

Wow, that is going to be an amazing opportunity quilt Karen! Great organization... I love Edyta's fabrics and her books too!

Kathie said...

wow what a challenge
I love that quilt and one of these days I just have to make it too
keep us posted with a few sneak peaks ok????