Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday Projects

We had a beautiful day to work on separate projects.  DH is coming along on his workshop project.  He has now decided to fix up the little shed for his lawn mower, etc.
I think it's going to look so cute :)! He's elevated it some (to prevent termites) and is replacing siding.  He may need to do a new floor and then shingles. So we will have two :).
I sometimes don't know how this happens! I pin so carefully and then when I put it up..... I had 4 blocks going in the wrong direction!!! But it's fixed now and I'm ready to add borders.   We had a dinner party for 13 last night, so I spent the day cleaning, shopping and cooking and didn't get a whole lot done.   Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mini Trail Mix and another sneak peek

I don't really need another project, but came across these orphan blocks and only needed to make 4 to have enough for this little mini Trail Mix. I'm not 100% sure this is the final set, I'll live with it for a little while.  The big one is still waiting for borders.  I really should get back to that, it is so gorgeous!!  But this little one  will get a border and then be ready to quilt - yea!!!
I worked yesterday on some of the block elements for In Full Bloom to get ready for our guild sewing party next week.  This will be a vine border that is somewhere in the middle part of the quilt.  It won't have a lot of flowers, but some (of course).
There will be log cabin blocks and double 4 patches.
There will be square in a square and 16 patch set on point.
It's overwhelming to think that these will ultimately create a quilt - but I can see the promise of the quilt that is in my head.  The fabrics are so beautiful, I sure wish I could go looking around in Edyta's scrap basket though!! :)  Can you even imagine!?!
Hope you all have a great day,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The First Sneak Peek

Our guild's opportunity quilt is officially under way.  It's name is "In Full Bloom" which is also the name of our show.  The center panel is done and today we had a cutting party with 9 members cutting their little hearts out!
Here are my plates full of little pieces!!
Most were 1 5/8" squares - hundreds of them.
There were also 1 1/4" logs cut for log cabin blocks.  Each size got stacked on their own plate, dark plates for the dark logs, light for the light.  It seemed to work great. Plus all the other blocks got their own plate.  I was worried they would fall in the parking lot on my way to the car... can you imagine how horrible that would be?  But they made it home fine :).
We used a lot of Edyta Sitar's fabric line Love Letters with stash added for variety.
We started here......
and here.  And while our quilt will look nothing like this one, it will our very own!  I'm very excited with the progress so far, and how the quilt looks just like the vision I had in the beginning.  Our sewing party will be next week.  I hope to have all the blocks done.  Then we will finish the applique row and put the top together.  It's a good thing I have LOTS of help! The quilt will finish at 100x100.  I know, I might be losing it.......
It's been a fun and long day.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Fun Little Something

I got a package yesterday of this cute fat quarter bundle.  I won a giveaway from Crazy Mom Quilts - Amanda Jean.
It's a line by Connecting Threads called Hello Sunshine. They are very cheery and sunny.  I've got a lot on the sewing table at the moment, but it sure is fun to look at :).  It doesn't happen often, but it feels great to win.
Back to the studio :)
P.S.  I started organizing the batting - so far I have made 4 useable batts out of the 80/20.  At least that's a start :)!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This is what happens.......

when you've been quilting since 1969 and you hate to throw anything away!!
I have  been busy, busy, busy and have 4 flimsies ready to quilt along with almost finishing 4 wallhangings.  My goal this morning was to tackle this pile of batting which has been stuffed into a closet in my studio.  I'm slightly overwhelmed but will try to tame this mess.  Personally, I'd rather be sewing!  But after the sewing comes this :).  I'll have some work to show soon.
Have a great day -
P.S.  I still don't have pictures of the retreat and I left my good camera in Charlotte last month. Not sure what my problem with cameras is lately - it should be here soon I hope :).

Monday, September 10, 2012

Little kitty update

My sweet little stray kitty was adopted by a couple in a nearby town.  She's gone from 12 ounces when I had her to 2 1/2 pounds!  Her name is Gracie.  They thought she was cold (in Florida?????) so they bought her a sweater!!  I'm so glad this story had a happy ending.
Have a great day-