Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jubilee has a finished block and a new name

My first block is finally finished with all its little parts. I took this picture outside so the colors are pretty true. The contrast of the pink and red is so pretty and the balance of the green and cheddar is perfect to me.
Here's the book that started it all.
And here's the picture of the block that jumped out at me and said "Make me!".  I don't know much about the maker except that she made this quilt in 1860.  Imagine if she was my age when she made this, she would have been born in 1800!!  I feel such a connection to this woman and her quilt that I have named my quilt Jubilee Tribute.

To think I started from this just a few weeks ago, and I've ended up with this is so satisfying.
There are more blocks coming.  I am trying to spend these weeks while I'm looking for work to get as much done as I can.  Having time to spend on this hand applique has been therapy for me.  I will always look back on this quilt and remember this time.
Have a great day.


Cathi said...

What an absolutely stunning block. The colours you chose are wonderful!

Diane said...

that is so pretty! I agree the colors are perfect compliments to each other.

Darlene said...

Stunning block, Karen. The colors are perfect. Can't wait to see the next block.

Doniene said...

Karen, what an absolutely gorgeous block! I can hardly wait to see the whole project!!! There is such therapy in doing hand work and creating such a beautiful work of art! I'm loving watching the progress on the Jubilee quilts! So inspiring!!


libbyquilter said...

absolutely beautiful~!!~
you have done a knock out job as you begin to replicate this beautiful quilt~!

have a happy may day~!

regan said...

Gorgeous block, Karen! And I'm going to look for that book.....lovely!

Linda said...

It's a truly beautiful block, Karen. I'm not just saying that, especially since I'm not all that fond of traditional applique blocks. You've picked just the right colors so it looks wonderful. Very nicely done.

Pokey said...

I was curious of your cut pieces you were posting, but man! This is gorgeous! You've chosen well, and accomplished a beautiful piece!

QuiltSue said...

It looks wonderful and I love the colours.

Carla said...

I am always so impressed with this type of applique as I know for certain that I'll never make such a quilt. This willl be just stunning. I love the Jubilee idea especially that 60 is the new 50. LOL! (Maybe I'll call my Farmer's Wife quilt my Jubilee Quilt!)

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous. Love your inspiration piece and I love antique quilt books. I'll have to check into this one.

Janet said...

That block is sensational, very worthy of a jubilee quilt.