Monday, April 23, 2012

Go Noles!!

This morning I needed a gift for a friend and decided to make a mug rug. 
I had some FSU fabric, so I fussy cut the pictures and randomly framed them out.
Here's the back showing the original fabric.  I don't know who first thought up the concept of a mug rug, but they are so much fun to make!!

I'm auditioning the next section of my Jubilee quilt, the vine. Not sure if I have the leaf size right or not.  The vine is 1/4" wide and the berries are 1/2" in diameter.  So many decisions....

Until next time,


Linda said...

Cute mug rug. Guess I'll have to be learning a bit more about teams in Florida. This one's in Gainesville, right?

Kathie said...

cute mug rug! such a great gift idea.
the vine and leaves look good from here but in person I know you will make the right decision
keep going!
I personally can't wait to see more

Barb said...

cute mug rug!
The vine looks great - such tiny berries - good for you.

Karen said...

My daughter is a Noles fan. Her husband is a big time Gators fan.