Monday, February 27, 2012

Mystery Quilt Revealed!!

After weeks of clues and many guesses from you, here's the mystery quilt! Isn't it amazing? I am presenting a program tonight for my guild based on this quilt. I'll be showing all the clues but waiting until the end for the reveal.
I took these on a sunny day on the back porch, so the colors are pretty true. It has a very warm, woodsy feel to it. What always amazes me about scrap quilts, is how random some of the fabrics look at the beginning, but how they all fit together at the end.
Here's a reminder of the 9 patch block. What was so unexpected to me was what happened at the corners when the 4 little triangles came together. Just by looking at this quilt, it's hard to tell where the block is.
The pattern comes from this book. All of Cathy's quilts are wonderful - but the Pineapple Nine Patch really caught my eye.
Cathy did hers in reds and creams - which I love. But I've pulled all my reds for Orca Bay (which had to take a back seat for a while) so I wanted to use something different.
Remember how it started with the big triangles? 80 of these guys.
Then there were 120 little triangles. Plus all the other units.
Here it is on my design wall. I just love the circles that form and the way the border strips form the complete little corner blocks. They sort of look like pinwheels. I'll be adding an outer border to it. Hopefully it will get quilted soon.
Thanks for following along on my mystery. By the way, this is also another "free" quilt. All the fabrics came from my stash. It's always amazing to me when I can make a quilt this interesting, and I didn't buy a single piece of fabric!
Until next time,


Karen said...

My kind of colors. The scrappy look works so well in this design. Who would have guessed what you were making from the parts you started with!

Stephanie said...

Definitely woodsy and warm. What a beautiful quilt and I think you're going to have your guild members on the edge of their seat waiting for the reveal.

*karendianne. said...

Wow, you're so right about that surprise figuring out where the block is within the quilt, too!! This is nothing short of AMAZING, Karen. Beautiful fabrics and lovely piecing and real delight at the end. Boy, you have a real gem here to share!!! :)

Vivian said...

This is one impressive quilt, Karen. Love the colors you chose, and the design created by those pieces is wonderfully dramatic.
I own that book and one of these days... -- but I say that about so many of my books. Too many books, actually. I'm glad you used your book and have this beauty to share with us.

Diane said...

it's wonderful! I've seen that book..I'm going to have to look at it again!

Sandra Kaye said...

Wow!! this is a beautiful quilt!!! Great Job!!

regan said...

It's gorgeous Karen! I love the colors, and how those pinwheels seem to spin! Nice! And yeah, it's really a trick to see that actual 9-patch block in there......Amazing!

AnnieO said...

Wonderfully warm and cozy looking but with that modern twist from the triangles. Congrats on a successful stash raid turning into a beauty!

Linda said...

It's an interesting combination of pieces that come together, isn't it? I really like the look of it. If I was making it as a mystery quilt, I'm sure I would choose brights, and wouldn't those look nice too? You did a great job with this free quilt!

Hand Quiltin Grammy said...

Oh that is so pretty. I would love to make that. I just don't think my skills are up to something like that. Boy I fell in love with it the minute I saw the picture and the close-ups...WOW that is simply awe-inspiring.

QuiltSue said...

It is beautiful, I love the colours you have used. I'm sure your quilt group will enjoy making this.

libbyquilter said...

wonderful and full of surprises~!!
i'm really not a fan of mystery quilts but this was a winner for sure. i may have to get that book as i am currently going through a little love affair of my own involving the pineapple pattern and scraps

a great post~!~


Darlene B said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Karen! Thanks for sharing!

Allyson said...

Wow. Just wow.