Sunday, November 27, 2011

Full Bloom

The Christmas cactus are almost in full bloom. It was so pretty out Saturday, I sat on the back porch and quilted away. The leaves rustled and the birds chirped and I finished the appliqued berries. Such a nice way to spend a few hours after the hustle and bustle of a holiday.

Hope you all had a restful day.



Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Not nearly nice enough to quilt out on the porch here. But sitting in the recliner with the quilt in the hoop on my lap with a movie made for a nice, warm, toasty Saturday afternoon. You're right ... such a wonderful way to spend a few hours after a busy holiday.

Karen said...

I see you have your angel quilt displayed with your Christmas Cactus. Looks good. I so want a Christmas Cactus but always forget to shop for one in time to pick a decent one.

Pokey said...

It is lovely hanging on your inviting porch! My cactus has tiny little buds just beginning to show. Last year it bloomed out around New Year's. It's the difference in California and where you are, I guess ~

Linda said...

Ah, that looks so pretty, Karen. It's nice you can do that - sit outdoors and quilt in November. That's something not possible in Iowa. Thanks for sharing.

Belinda said...

Every time someone shows their Christmas cactus I swear I'm going to get one too and then I forget again!
I've seen several online and they are quite lovely...just like yours!!

I was squinting to see those berries you added...I'm sure you are happier with it now!!

Quilt Hollow said...

Very pretty...and subtle reminder of my dad. It will have been three years this coming Friday of his passing....and I believe I told you before that Christmas cactus the man could grow!

Lee Ann said...

Those are gorgeous! I've tried growing them down here and no success. My Mother had some success in my youth. But, the weather is hotter and drier where I live.