Friday, April 15, 2011

A Happy Mistake

Here is my latest office quilt. (I have had quite a bit of trouble with the lighting, but I think you'll get the idea - I think they changed the bulbs in my office - grrr). The colors vary somewhat, but here is my spring version of my original tree that I made last year. While they are the same size and composition, they look really different.
My new quilt reminds me of cherry blossoms. As I child I attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC and this quilt reminds me of that happy memory. Using a blue background and the pink leaves does not create as much contrast.
I quilted the same curly design in the background, which I love.

I added a small piping which is very subtle, but created some edge definition. I couldn't find a binding that didn't detract from the overall quilt, so I just used the same fabric.

The color of the quilt is somewhere between these two pictures - you can see I'm having camera issues.
My happy mistake is the bird. After I was completely finished with this quilt, I realized there was no kitty in it. Since I don't have any pink cat fabric, I ripped out one of the leaves and added a bird using red fabric. It really stands out and makes the quilt much more fun. It's kind of hard to see the kitty but trust me, he's there.
Until next time,



Cheryl said...

Love, love your quilts...and I would say that bird is a very happy mistake!! Great to find your wonderful blog.

Karen said...

The pink version is soft & pretty. I immediately thought of cherry blossoms when I saw the picture. I have been in the Washington D.C. area at Cherry Blossom time. It is an awesome sight.

Carol said...

I love it! The quilting is really nice too.

Vivian said...

Your quilting is a special part of these two quilts. It adds such great dimension to them.
I've been thinking about cats eating birds, and now this bird with a cat on its body -- there's a joke in there somewhere.
Lovely quilts, Karen. We have crab apple trees in our back yard that will some day be as pink as your tree. I'm looking forward to that day. Winter was way too long around here.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Love the bird! What a fun quilt. I'm glad you remembered the kitty.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

LOVELY!!! I love the bird!!!

Michele said...

What great quilts.....I like that there are memories associated with them. Great quilting too!

Janet said...

I love both versions but the pink one is very pretty as is the quilting. I love the piping, it adds that bit of pizazz.

Becky said...

Sometimes mistakes make terrific results. I love the little red bird in your tree! Karen, I have a picture somewhere in my computer of us at the cherry blossom when we were young. Couldn't put my fingers on it this am, but if I find it I'll send it your way. Your pink tree is a great springy addition to your office!

kate said...

I just love this quilt! It's funny how much more I am drawn to girly-pink things now. :) Also, now I know what you were getting pink scraps for on that one visit. :)

libbyquilter said...

oh gosh~!!~LOVE that little bird~!!
and the wavy/curly quilting is fabulous too~!