Friday, April 22, 2011

Coming Down For Now

Here's my one of a kind pineapple quilt as it is for now. I haven't named it yet, any suggestions?? I've finished all I can until after I present the program so it's coming down off the design wall. Several of you offered opinions on borders on a previous post, I'm still not sure what I'm doing. These are 3 Kaffe fabrics that I have on hand, but none of them really grab me. The one on the left isn't bad. I've auditioned yellow as an inner border, not sure.
I don't think I want to add a pieced border, this doesn't really need any more chaos going on than what's already on the inside LOL!! In real life, this is one HAPPY quilt!

It's fun to see how it all started, I love designing using this process. Some of you said you had the book (One of a Kind Quilts by Judy Hopkins) - I hope you'll dig it out. I'd love to see anything you come up with - challenge yourself!!! Just start with an orphan block from some long ago project and start making 4" blocks. It's addictive and liberating!!

Here's what it looks like in sections right now. I will number these so I can re-create it for the Guild program I'm giving in June. Once these big sections are together, it's a piece of cake to finish it. Since everything is a multiple of 2 - it all fits together.

Have a blessed Good Friday.
Until next time,


Stephanie said...

Pineapple marmalade. Pineapple surprise. Pineapple upside down cake. I hungry for pineapples. This is just so pretty.

carol fun said...

Pineapple Smoothie -- the pineapple blocks remind me of the blades of a blender - I know I'm nuts! But all of those blocks blend together so deliciously -- wow - maybe I am crazy. LOL! Maybe I should just go make a smoothie and add a little rum -- LOL!

Vivian said...

Pineapple Potpourri.
Pineapple Pot Luck.
There's a plethora of pineapple names you could use, or at least a lot of "P" words to play with.
Maybe "Playing with Pineapples" or "Pineapple Playground."
Your guild presentation is going to be great fun.

Janet said...

It's fabulous and I'd love the ime to have a play with different sized blocks. It looks like fruit salad to me.

ELENAVA наслаждаюсь печворком, квилтингом said...

Ярко, красочно. Очень понравилось