Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where did that go?

Remember this sweet fat quarter from Valentina?? It seemed to have the perfect color for a project that was almost finished. The cherry tree needed one more pink leaf. See it at the top left?? So now I will have a permanent reminder of Valentina. I love to put special pieces of fabric in a quilt. This project is ready for a pressing and then quilting. It is so cute!! Pictures soon.

Here's what has been taking all my time for the last few weeks. This is the back side of a project that may or may not ever happen. These are 1 1/2" squares cut (finished at 1"). It's for a challenge.

I'm really not sure what I'm doing (I've said that to myself about 100 times), but I've invested so much time, I hate to quit now. There will be 1,764 1" squares in it when it's done. I know, what WAS I thinking?? Between the cutting and pressing, I'm really ready to move on. I'm just afraid if I leave it now, I'll never come back. Anybody else know that feeling?? I've been taking a picture diary. If it turns out... I'll post. If not, well, let's hope for the best. It's an awesome quilt in my head, it just might not look that good in real life.
Until next time, make something beautiful.



*karendianne. said...

Karen I love the pink project. Very pretty. Can't wait to see that. These blues are fascinating. Glad you're pushing on through to a finish. Someone recently encouraged me to just do that else, as you say, you may never ever finish it.

...and I think it'll turn out much better than you think. If seeing the back is any clue. I mean, really!

QuiltSue said...

HOW many tiny squares? I love the colours though and am really looking forward to seeing the Cherry Blossom tree.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I love the way your tree is turning out. Can't wait to see it all quilted and hanging in yoru office.

The back of your new project looks almost as good as the front. Sooooo many baby squares. Hope you found something useful in the bag. I'm looking forward to seeing the photo journal!

Karen said...

Look at all the squares and I LOVE the cherry tree leaves!

Valentina said...

oh Karen, don't give up! Those squares are so amazing even from the back!
I am thrilled you were able to use the rose fabric already! This is so special... can't wait for the big reveal, :)!