Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another One of a Kind Christmas

I was going through my pictures and saw these that I forgot to post.  Before blogging I was bad about taking pictures of my quilts.  So when I see one that I never documented, I'll take a few pictures. Here's an oldie but goodie.
This is a One of a Kind quilt I made from a Christmas panel for my daughter quite a few years ago. 
My granddaughter is the beautiful quilt holder.  I just love this technique of making a completely original quilt with very few glitches.  Everything matches and it's so much fun to make.
Happy stitching today,


Julierose said...

Beautiful finish on that quilt! And I love those colors--panels can be so nice!! hugs, Julierose

Janan Doster said...

What a beautiful model holding the quilt!

Teresa said...

Love the quilt. Christmas quilts are fun to get out each year.

Barb said...

great christmas Quilt! does one of a kind mean you designed the whole thing?
Love the photo of your grand daughter