Sunday, May 3, 2015

Student Work- a finished quilt

I got this picture the other day from Bonnie, one of the students in my class from Flying Needles Quilt Guild last February. This is a great interpretation of the pattern.  And she added a border to make it bed sized.  Great job Bonnie!
Have a happy stitching day.


Carol said...

Beautiful quilt! Hey Karen, can you change my blog in your sidebar? I no longer have Carols Crafty Creations, it's now:

Karen said...

How nice. The colors and design would make it a good masculine quilt.

CecileD said...

Very, very cute quilt ! Bravo Bonnie !

Ruth said...

That's a wonderful log cabin quilt!

Mayleen said...

I like all the different colors of blues and browns in Bonnie's quilt! She did a great job.