Friday, February 20, 2015

The T-Shirts Tell the Story

If this was the only t-shirt I was showing you, I'm sure you would form an opinion about the person I'm making the quilt for.  It's for a guy and among other things, he worked at Ben & Jerry's in VT over his summer vacations.  Kind of fun and happy.
But there's more to this quilt than a fun summer job.  There is this: "Kill, Maim, Destroy".  
To be honest, I've never put a t-shirt like this in a quilt.
Then there's this one, "Ready to kill, ready to die...".
And this one..... which is a little more light-hearted.  McGuire's is a very popular restaurant in Pensacola.  
And then there is this.
By now you may have guessed this is a quilt for a military person and you may have guessed he is a Marine.  I've never done a t-shirt for a Marine before.  I'm much more used to seeing Powderpuff Football, cheerleading, student activities or college sorority dances.
But seeing all these shirts, cutting them up, putting them back together again, building his quilt, I get a partial sense of the story of his life.  
And that is why I love to do T-shirt quilts.  It's all about the story.
Happy stitching today,


Barb said...

how fun! I have saved all my sons and want to make one some day - love the Ben and Jerrys!

Janet said...

That is so much fun, it needs a zombie, lol. Good work.

Karen said...

Interesting t-shirts for the quilt. I have been seeing Ben & Jerry's ice-cream each night on the Tonight Show as they have a special variety that Jimmy Fallon created.

Janet said...

Those are some interesting shirts to say the least!! Free cone day sounds like a great idea! :0)

audrey said...

How interesting! I guess it would be a kind of insight into a person.:)

Janan said...

Very interesting Tshirts!!!
I love the Ben & Jerrys!
What stabilizer do you use on the back of the Tshirts?