Saturday, January 24, 2015

Keeping Me Company

I finally got this hung in my studio today.  Dahlia Revisited is now officially set to keep me company.  I love the story behind this quilt and I think it's neat that this quilt is the one that is now hanging where I get to see it every day.  It reminds me each time I see it of my journey and my 45 years (and counting) of quilting.
The purple and green colors are so happy and the design is just so pleasing to me (which is a good thing since I made it).  I love piecework and applique - it's my favorite combination.
My studio is up over the garage in the bonus room space, so the walls are only 5 1/2 ft high.  This means my wall space is small and at a premium.  It may look a little "off" to be hanging so low, but it really fills the space and doesn't look wierd.  My wall are painted Marina Isle - a soft turquoise and so it looks almost like it was made for this room.
I'm a happy camper :).
The sun was out today and I spent time sewing. 


QuiltSue said...

It looks great. What a good thing I am not trying to get into your sewing room as at 5'8 tall I'd have a constant back ache!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It is perfectly lovely; the "back story" makes it all that much better, what a wonderful tribute to your own quilting history! Congratulations on your win... now, after learning about this, I feel affirmed in holding on to all my scraps; they just may "pay off" one day! ;)

Karen said...

I did not realize you had been making quilts for so many, many years. I could have figured that out had I done the math but had not paid attention to the year you started making quilts.

OTquilter said...

How wonderful to be able to enjoy your beautiful quilt every day! And thanks for the link to the back story. It's always reassuring to know that once upon a time we were all beginners!

Janan said...

The quilt looks absolutely perfect hanging there! Enjoy!

CecileD said...

Wow ! The quilting is just amazing !! Bravo !!

Barb said...

what a gorgeous quilt to adorn your sewing room wall. I love the combination of purple and green.
Really lovely quilting!

Belinda said...

Fabulous! Yes, a happy quilt indeed….a-n-d YOU being a most happy QUILTER to enjoy this one everyday!