Saturday, July 26, 2014

Memory Quilt #1 is Done - on to #2

Well, the tumblers are done and can I just say love!!  This went together so fast.
The blocks finished at 7 1/2" for a pair by 4 1/2" long so the quilt is 60"x68" which is a really nice size.
I did not spend a lot of energy trying to match things up and just went with the good ole grab it and sew technique!  Every so often it is so refreshing to sew quilts like this.  So much freedom, so fast, so fun.  I will trim the sides straight and then it's ready to baste and quilt - no borders.
Here is quilt #2.  I have always wanted to do this pattern, but never have had a very big stash of stripes.  When I realized that I had about 8 or 9 striped shirts I knew this was the time to try it out.
Here are some on the wall.  The pinkish red was the first one I cut and I had the stripes going the wrong way.  I have decided to scrap that one all together.  The fabric is really bad and I found a few others to add instead.  I'm cutting strips 4" wide and using the companion angle ruler.  So far so good.  Each block only has 3 seams so these blocks go together super fast also.  

Two good choices so far for easy, interesting patterns.
Happy stitching,


LuAnn said...

I really love those plaid tumblers. Great quilt!

Janet said...

I'm loving them both. Yes, I always thought I might have made the stripe quilt but haven't bothered to collect for it.

Angie said...

I love how the tumblers turned out! I have also been cutting out stripes for the stripe box blocks. Most of my dad's shirts were plaids, though, so I may have to supplement with thrift store striped shirts.

Esther said...

The tumblers turned out so well, and I love the randomness of it all. I am also liking who the stripes are coming together. I think memory quilts are something very special.

Nifty Quilts said...

Oh! Your plaid tumbler memory quilt is wonderful!! Your BIL would be very proud of your clever use of his old shirts. The receivers of these quilts will get to wrap up in his memories and be so touched.

pandchintz said...

Looking good Karen!

Pokey said...

You've done a great job, and the quilts will become cherished for what they are!

Karen said...

Creative use of the plaids for the memory quilt. If I were using my husbands shirts, it would be knits from golf shirts. He only has a couple plaid shirts in the closet.

paulette said...

I LOVE these tumblers!! Brilliant!
Also love the other shirt blocks!! You are on a roll! Definite keepsakes!!