Thursday, July 3, 2014

Enough Blocks to Start

I'm not sure how many blocks I've made, but I've got enough to start looking at my graph paper pattern and start laying them out.
I love making the little double four patch blocks as a way to direct your eye around the quilt.  I never know exactly where they will go or how many I'll need.  That's part of the beauty of this technique, you really are designing a "One of a Kind" original :).  I like that.
I usually start in the top left corner and just start placing the blocks.  When I'm about 1/2 way done, I will begin to see which color seems dominant and which color I need to balance things out.
I'm auditioning some borders for the trees but will wait until more of the blocks are done to see which color I like best.
There was a question on how I did the trees.  I know there are several ways to do this. I decided to draw the shape, then drew random lines, made patterns and then paper pieced them.
I used my trusty Tri-Recs ruler.  As you can see, I made them longer than the ruler.
Nothing fancy, but it got the job done.  I'm thinking of using a different technique for the large tree in the center.
Back to sewing, hope it's a good day.


audrey said...

Your quilt looks very fun! I definitely have to be in the mood to work on one of these quilts, but I usually enjoy the results.:)

Ruth said...

Yes, I love the line of red squares going across the quilt! Thanks for showing your method of making the trees. It looks like it will be a very fun quilt!

Kim Brackett said...

Wow! You've been a sewing maniac! LOVE these Christmas fabrics and the design!