Saturday, July 26, 2014

Memory Quilt #1 is Done - on to #2

Well, the tumblers are done and can I just say love!!  This went together so fast.
The blocks finished at 7 1/2" for a pair by 4 1/2" long so the quilt is 60"x68" which is a really nice size.
I did not spend a lot of energy trying to match things up and just went with the good ole grab it and sew technique!  Every so often it is so refreshing to sew quilts like this.  So much freedom, so fast, so fun.  I will trim the sides straight and then it's ready to baste and quilt - no borders.
Here is quilt #2.  I have always wanted to do this pattern, but never have had a very big stash of stripes.  When I realized that I had about 8 or 9 striped shirts I knew this was the time to try it out.
Here are some on the wall.  The pinkish red was the first one I cut and I had the stripes going the wrong way.  I have decided to scrap that one all together.  The fabric is really bad and I found a few others to add instead.  I'm cutting strips 4" wide and using the companion angle ruler.  So far so good.  Each block only has 3 seams so these blocks go together super fast also.  

Two good choices so far for easy, interesting patterns.
Happy stitching,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Memory Quilt #1 is Tumblers

I've been looking at so many patterns and there are so many choices but I've decided to start with the tumbler.  I'd seen a video of a tumbler quilt made with charm squares and a specialty ruler.  So I cut my own 5" charm squares and used one of my wedge rulers and made my own template.  There is practically no waste using 5" squares.
We got home last weekend from a week at our timeshare in the NC mountains.  Can I say heaven??  We spent time with the grands and our kids but I did get one alone morning.  The hubby was playing golf, the windows were open, I had a cup of coffee and I just savored some quiet time with my sewing machine.  I didn't get many blocks actually sewn together, but I did get a bunch cut out.
I didn't have to work today, so I really went to town chain piecing.  This pattern goes together so fast!!  I said that I wanted to do 4 different patterns, but it's tempting to make more than one of this one.
So far I'm really liking it.  I'm thinking that I won't put a border on it, just square up the sides.  Once I've got it laid out, I'll sew sections together and then sew the rows together.
Here's a picture that I took for my sister, the flowers were glorious!!  It's just so hot here in Florida - they don't look like this.
It's good to be home, hope you get some stitiching time.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Making Memory Quilts

Last weekend my DH and I started going through my BIL's household things.  We made an inventory and tried to get a plan as to how to handle all that.  I have decided to take some of his shirts and make some memory quilts.  I think I will be making at least 4.
There were lots of shirts to choose from.  I have no idea how many I will need to make 4 medium - large lap quilts.
I've been looking on pinterest for ideas, there are plenty.  Not sure how complicated I want the pattern to be as 4 is a lot to make.  Plus I'd be using the same group of fabrics and I wouldn't want to get bored :).  So that's why I'm thinking I'll do several simple patterns and break things up. That way people would have a choice.  I need to keep looking.  Any suggestions?
It's a little weird to be taking perfectly good shirts and cutting them up.  It's also weird that my BIL is not here any more to wear them.  I'm not sure I could do this with shirts that had belonged to my husband or my son......
I watched Bonnie Hunter's method of "de-boning" a shirt on you-tube.  I modified her technique slightly.  She snips and then rips a lot of the seam and plackets.  I just don't like all those strings!  After one or two times I just decided to cut everything.  Doesn't really take too long at all.

Have any of you made a quilt out of shirts?
Any helpful hints?
I'm kind of in the mood to start before too much time goes by.  Maybe this will be my project when we head to the North Carolina mountains next week - yay!  I was struggling with what to bring.
Happy stitching,

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Enough Blocks to Start

I'm not sure how many blocks I've made, but I've got enough to start looking at my graph paper pattern and start laying them out.
I love making the little double four patch blocks as a way to direct your eye around the quilt.  I never know exactly where they will go or how many I'll need.  That's part of the beauty of this technique, you really are designing a "One of a Kind" original :).  I like that.
I usually start in the top left corner and just start placing the blocks.  When I'm about 1/2 way done, I will begin to see which color seems dominant and which color I need to balance things out.
I'm auditioning some borders for the trees but will wait until more of the blocks are done to see which color I like best.
There was a question on how I did the trees.  I know there are several ways to do this. I decided to draw the shape, then drew random lines, made patterns and then paper pieced them.
I used my trusty Tri-Recs ruler.  As you can see, I made them longer than the ruler.
Nothing fancy, but it got the job done.  I'm thinking of using a different technique for the large tree in the center.
Back to sewing, hope it's a good day.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Changing Directions

I have been asked to present a program for the Piecemakers of Milton Guild in August.  They have asked me to present my "One of a Kind" program and I have decided to make a new quilt for the demonstration.
Here are the very first blocks up on the design wall - so cute already!!
I brought everything down to the kitchen to cut out.
I got out my green, red and aqua scraps, which were all in one place :).

Without any panels or orphan blocks to use I decided to make some new blocks and drew up a tentative layout on graph paper.
I brought down some of the sections from the previous quilt I made using these fabrics, just really to give me some inspiration.
I have made 5 pieced tree blocks and have started making the filler blocks.
These tree blocks will get borders around them to equal 12 x 12, but I'm waiting for a while to see what colors I'll need to keep things in balance.
Here is the previous quilt using the pillow panels.  It's such a happy quilt.
Here's the book that has given me so much inspiration and my first group of fabrics.  I cut my own jelly roll from my stash - so fun.
I always make a graph paper pattern.  I cut out separate blocks to scale and use scotch tape so I can move them around.  When I have the blocks set where I want them. I then fill in with 4" blocks.
I'm having so much fun today, these are happy colors.