Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Pensacola Slice Quilt

One of the special exhibits at our upcoming Quilt Show will be the Pensacola Slice Quilt.  For those of you not familiar with slice quilts, the idea is you take a photograph (or in our case a painting), get a very enlarged copy of it, and cut it up in slices.  In this case, the painting was copied (with the artist's permission) and enlarged to 4 ft. high by 10 ft. wide.  Then it was cut into 12" wide slices and handed out to people in the guild.  They were given a color reference slice of what it needed to look like, and then we waited.  Twenty people participated, so we ended up with 2 slice quilts. This is one of them.
Each slice is self bound and has a hanging sleeve on the back.  All 10 one foot sections are displayed together.  So cool!!!
The first section starts with a RR trestle bridge that is known in Pensacola as the "Graffiti Bridge".  It is painted almost daily with different things.  Then there's the big beach sign leading out to Pensacola Beach - very iconic.
It seems I missed a section, with Old Christ Church downtown (built in 1832), the big beach ball and the Blue Angels in formation (you can see them on the first picture).  This is our old Saenger Theatre (built in 1935) downtown.  It's been restored and it's beautiful.
Last is a shrimp boat (yes, we have wonderful fresh shrimp here) and the Pensacola Lighthouse (I kind of cut that off).  I was on my lunch hour and there were people in the gallery room where this was being displayed so I kind of rushed.  I'll get some good ones at the show.
Also hanging was our Guild challenge from last year.  It was called "Music of the Night".  I'll post next about that, I've got several pictures of my process.
I participated in this challenge and my quilt is hanging.  Any idea which one is mine??  (I'll reveal in the next post).  It's not raining here today - :).  Happy stitching - I'm headed up to my studio to play!!


Terry said...

That slice quilt is really cool! :0)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a fun quilt in slices! No idea which is yours, but I might venture to guess its the palm trees? Have a happy weekend!

audrey said...

The slice quilt is wonderful! I've always wanted to see one of those. And I was thinking like Sandie--is your quilt the palm trees?

Vivian said...

The slice Q is something I hadn't seen before. Very cool.
I'd bet money that your quilt is either the elephant or the palm trees. Leaning toward the elephant, but I don't recall you doing much paper piecing.
Enjoy the weekend.

Karen said...

I am guessing that the one with all the yellow spokes coming out from the center is the one you made.

I have never seen a slice quilt in person but I do remember reading about one....maybe a quilt magazine article. I thought it was a marvelous idea.

Barb said...

great slice quilt! Wish I could see the original photo. I love how everyone did their interpretation of the elements -

Mayleen said...

The slice quilt looks great! I think it would be a lot of fun to make one. Wondering which challenge quilt oculd be yours!?!

Ruth said...

I love the slice quilt! No, I have never heard of it. I did see a quilt in sections kind of like that at the Dallas Quilt Show, but I don't think the pictures were a continuation of each other. A neat idea!