Saturday, January 11, 2014

Celtic Solstice - All Done.....Sort of

Today was the day - I finished piecing my Celtic Solstice :).  It is a happy little quilt and I really like the final layout.  It's much smaller than Bonnie's, mine is 58 x 58.
I took some pictures as I was building this.
Here are all the 4 patches done - using some darker greens and moving the really bright green ones around.
Then I finished the pinwheels and the corner units - all that was left were the green "V" units.
When all the blocks were done I had to decide about the border. I thought about turning some of the orange triangles (instead of all going in the same direction) - kind of blah.
I changed up the orange triangles, thought about adding some neutral ones to visually finish the blocks, tried using some of the 4 patches I had taken out and auditioned a yellow inner border.
In the end I went with all orange triangles, a neutral inner border and no green 4 patches.  I really like it, especially my little rogue block in the very center.
So now Celtic Solstice joins the pile of Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts - from 2010 Roll Roll Cotton Boll. This was my first and is probably still my favorite.
Next was Orca Bay - 2011.  I didn't like the original border and three years later I'm still trying to decide how to finish this.
This is a black and white check.
This is a blue inner border with a black and white print (it wouldn't be that wide).  Any suggestions????  Maybe the answer is - it IS done- no border.  Although to me it looks unfinished, like it needs a border.
And this is Easy Street - from 2012.  I had  tons of pink, red and grey scraps left over.  When I decided to enter the NYC MQG DWR challenge, I immediately thought of those scraps and they ultimately became Organic Pink Pickles.

So there is my saga of BH mysteries, the tops are all pieced (except for Orca Bay) and they are just waiting to be quilted.  Maybe 2014 will be my year to quilt up some of my tops that have been languishing.
Celtic Solstice has been fun to make, I'm glad I made mine smaller and that it's done.  Considering it's only January 11th, I'm really rather impressed :).  

Now it's on to a project that was started over a year ago.  I've been procrastinating but I'm determined to not do anything else until it's done - except for the never ending hand quilting my Jubilee quilt.  I am determined to finish it before our quilt show in April.
Happy stitching,


Angie said...

I really like how you finished your Celtic Solstice! The colors are very Spring-y and the border variation was a terrific idea!

julieQ said...

What an awesome post! I have made those quilts too...except Easy Street is still in little, itty bitty pieces yet!! Very pretty Celtic Solstice!!

LuAnn said...

I just love seeing different versions of Bonnie's quilts. Yours are just beautiful.

Pokey said...

You have been very creative with your Bonnie Hunter mysteries. This one is wonderful, I like your creative block in the center, and the size, too. I have to say thank you for sharing the fact that such beautiful, challenging projects are aging together on the shelf, waiting for that bloom of perfection, the time when you receive the go ahead to bring it on to completion...poetic enough?

I have a few beauties waiting, also, lol! I'm glad I'm in the same place as one accomplished as you ~
hugs, pokey

Heather said...

I love your border change for Celtic solstice. Wish I had seen it before sewing all those Tri recs together.

audrey said...

Celtic Solstice is wonderful! I really like how you finished off the border. Your entire line-up of Bonnie Hunters scrap quilts is very impressive. I agree that the one needs a border, but then I'm a border kind of gal! Have you checked out a darker strong blue for that?

QuiltSue said...

Your version of Celtic Solstice is great. I love the border you settled on.

Barb said...

looks great and it was fun to see your past challenges too!

Ruth said...

I really like your version of Celtic Star! I'm kind of glad I didn't start it after all as I have tons of other things to work on. I've only done one other of Bonnie's mystery quilts and then the one from her workshop in Sept. Now I'm just starting a quilt for my GS's HS graduation in June from one of her books.

Karen said...

Your "rogue" block is what draws the eye in.

FlourishingPalms said...

Your Celtic Soltice quilt top is wonderful! Love the colors of it. Can't believe you've made several of Bonnie's quilts now... well, made the tops. They do take a long time to quilt. I made Roll Roll Cotton Boll full-sized, and it seemed to take forever to piece and quilt. Gave it away as a wedding gift last September, and haven't heard a word from the bride and groom who received it. Manners are either passé, or they didn't like it.

Diane said...

love the colors in your Celtic Soltice! great look at all your BH mysteries!!
all are terrific-good luck putting a dent in the quilting of them!!

Janan said...

I really like how the orange triangles gave this quilt a "modern" spin! The border made the look!

Every Stitch said...

Congratulations - well wasn't that worth all the deliberations?! It is fabulous - love the rogue centre and I think this size is perfect.
Orca Bay would be nice with the navy inner border and the white/black print - very smart. Goodness you do have such a talent with these pieced quilts!

Dianne Mitzel said...

I love all your quilts, you make such good use of your time! I love your colors and all your quilts look very difficult..I don't think I'm "there" yet...proud of all you've done, such an inspiration..

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Everything is wonderful Karen! Like me, one day you will have some tremendous finishes!!! I have some unfinished tops that are hanging in the closet…marinading! ha!

Carol Stearns said...

So happy to see this Celtic Solstice Done. I was fretting over it and have decided to make it smaller, 58" square is a good size. Please bring yours to our guild meeting in March when you speak to Silver THreads. Carol

Terry said...

Your quilts are all so beautiful! I never thought of making one of her mystery quilts smaller. Thanks for the idea! :0)

Kim Brackett said...

I love everything about it! I had forgotten about one of these. It was fun to see all of them together. What's your new project?

Debra said... are pretty much amazing!!! I had forgotten about 2 of these. Great work!