Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another Finish, Another Donation

It's still January and I've got another finish. That makes 3!! This oriental quilt is going to be donated to the Chinese Auction at our quilt show in April.
These fabrics were gifted to me by a friend and I challenged myself to use them. Oriental fabrics are something I've never used before, so it was visually interesting for me to work with these fabrics.
I picked a pattern from Kim Brackett's Scrap Basket Beauties, "Cross My Heart".  I really wanted a pattern that did not produce any bonus triangles :) and this fit the bill perfectly.
Back in October it looked like this.   Kim is always concerned about the pressing of seams and these blocks went together really fast and they nested perfectly.
I finished the binding yesterday at work on my lunch hour and pinned it up to take pictures.  I was thinking that a smaller version of this would actually look good in my office.  But after thinking about that for a nano-second, I can guarantee you  that won't happen LOL!  I'm happy with my office art that is already up.
This isn't a super large quilt and I used some of the leftover 2 1/2" strips on the back to stretch the piece of fabric I had picked.  Adds a little interest.

So this one is done and out of the house.  Since the Chinese Auction tickets are 25 for $5.00, some lucky person could actually win this quilt for a mere 20 cents if their one ticket is picked!  That's a little weird to think about.  Hopefully it will go to a good home.  I hope if any of you are close, you will come to our quilt show April 11-12.  I would love to meet you.
Stay warm today and happy stitching,


Millie said...

It is such a beautiful quilt and a wonderful donation. I am sure your quilt will go to a good home. :)

audrey said...

Wonderful job! It looks great.:)

Karen said...

The Chinese auctions are a good money maker for a guild. I am sure your quilt with Oriental fabrics will do well.

Janet said...

I hope your quilt will be loved by the winner too. It's a lovely, lovely quilt.

Every Stitch said...

Karen you are an inspiration with all these finishes already! And a charity quilt is an extra special finish - well done.I like the contrast strip on the back - great idea.

Mayleen said...

I like your quilt because it just seems so calm and relaxing. Someone's going to have a nice win! Way to go on your third finish this month!

Vivian said...

Love the quilt, Karen. It's a great way to focus on the uniqueness and beauty of each fabric. Thanks for reminding me that it's in Kim's book. I can relate to wanting no leftover triangles, and that's another reason this pattern is going on my "don't forget about this one" list.
I'm sure the lucky winner will be thrilled to take this pretty quilt home.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That's a great quilt, Karen. Well done, love the pattern. I'm sure it will be trasured and loved by it's lucky new owner.

Heather said...

This turned out so pretty. I have a lot of Asian fabrics that I bought just before moving to China. I used some of them while living there but a family emergency cut our time their short and I was not able to give them away before coming home. Not sure when I will ever use them so this gives me ideas for a charity item. Thanks!

Barb said...

what a nice quilt! how generous of you to offer it for auction! love the pieced backing - hope you raise lots of money

Kim Brackett said...

I can't believe this is made from "those" fabricd. Ha! It turned out so pretty! I like the pieced back, too. You're too smart.