Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Clean Start

This chair sits in my studio.   When I redid my sewing space several years ago, I got this chair because I thought I might sit in it to do hand sewing, or applique or just rest and watch tv.  I have done none of those because this chair is usually buried (and I mean buried) under piles of fabric, projects, ironing, mending, you name it.  Today I rescued it.  I filed everything away, I did all the ironing and mending and for at least one day, it looks so pretty :).  And you can actually see my Amy Butler quilt that I made specifically for this room!
On the other side of the room you might remember that a few weeks ago my cutting table looked like this.
Today it looks like this! Little happy dance.  This took much longer than the chair as there were tons of little pieces I had pulled for my Celtic Solstice.  
I won't show you the side of the room where the fabric is, that's still a work in progress :).
Yesterday I broke down and bought fabric for the borders of my Orca Bay.  I am determined to finish my BH mystery quilts this year and not let them languish any longer.   I found this black and white print. It's got a lot of movement in it, but I thought it looked like water and it kind of went with the quilt.  It's pretty dark but I think it helps stop all the chaos going on in the center. 
I really like it going both ways.
I went with a bright blue for the inner border as I thought the quilt has enough red in it. I do think it helps to pull the blue out.  Here the black is going sideways.
Here it is running lengthwise.  So my last decision is which way to run the squiggles.  They each have their pros and cons.  Any opinions out there??

Hope you had a productive Saturday.  I just keep walking in my studio and smiling.  I'm sure it won't take long for "creative clutter" to take over again, but for today it is clean and waiting for me to create.
Happy stitching,


Darlene said...

You sure have been busy!

I love your Orca Bay. If it was me I'd do the borders sideways.


Vivian said...

You've set a challenging and lofty goal for yourself--finishing BH mysteries. I'm sure you'll meet your own challenge.
Nice chair, and it's great to see it empty. The stuff accumulates way too fast, doesn't it?
My vote is for the border lengthwise. So Darlene and I cancel out each other's votes. Either way would look fine, but I prefer the lengthwise version.

Carla said...

Doesn't it feel great to start fresh! Maybe if you begin to make a habit of sitting in the chair of everyday, you will protect it from those pesky piles when they threaten to move in again! My vote on the border ist o have the print run lengthwise if you have enough.

Kathy said...

What a neat border print for this quilt! I vote for lengthways. I have a similar problem with the comfy chair in my sewing room - I can rarely see the seat.

Good luck on finishing your mysteries. I have an Orca Bay that needs quilting, too.

Janet said...

What a great border fabric! I like it best with the waves running off the edge of the quilt. I think it carries the energy of the blue strings out and when it runs lengthwise it comes to a stop. It's a great print though - it will look great either way. Such a gorgeous quilt!

Ruth said...

It must feel good to get your sewing room organized. I wish I knew how that feels! I like the border running lengthwise best. Good luck with finishing your mystery quilts!

Terry said...

Great fabric you have for the border! I like the waves going crossways. I think when they run up and down, they draw your attention more to the border than the quilt. I think when they run crossways, they frame the quilt better. Just my opinion! :0)

MamaT said...

I like the print running lengthwise. Either way, it will looke great. It's always so nice to have things clened up even if it is temporary. Yes, I had a productive day yesterday. 12 hours on the road through 5 states. And I passed through your town!

audrey said...

Love the new border ideas! I'd go with the lengthwise squiggles, but then you get to see it up close and personal! Wonderful to get the clean-up time too. My quilt room is getting pretty bad.:)

Diane said...

love that border fabric-either way will be fantastic, I hope it doesn't stall you deciding on which way ;)!
Nothing like a clean room to make you smile.