Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Fourth Time - Celtic Solstice

It seems I'm a sucker for a mystery - especially one from Bonnie Hunter.  And this year (for the first time) I'm doing it right.  This will be my 4th mystery quilt by Bonnie.  All the other three I waited until it was over to see if I liked it, and then decided to make it.  Which is kind of like cheating, but it's a lot of work, and I wanted to make sure I was willing to put that much time into it.
These yellow and green chevrons are Clue #2.  They are really fun to make.  This time I am making this quilt in the same colorway that Bonnie suggests.  The last 2 times I have changed her suggested color choices.  This is not at all my normal palette, but surprisingly I had fabric in most of the colors.  I bought a few 1/8 yd pieces but for the most part I'm stash busting which really feels good.
The neutral and gold triangles were step #1.  Bonnie recommended using the Tri-Recs ruler set, which happens to be one of my favorite rulers.
I used this ruler set for my Pineapple Nine Patch quilts that I did last year.  Love it!!
So here is where I am at this point.  Bonnie's suggestion is to make some of each step so you can get an idea but you don't have to stress about making the entire amount.  Bonnie's quilts are always HUGE - and this year she's offering a smaller version.  But I'm guessing it will still be big.  So I'm not making the total number of blocks at this point.  Hmmmmm, I guess I still want to see what it looks like before I totally commit :).
And here's an update on"Jubilee Tribute".  The 1/2" crossed hatch quilting is about halfway done but  I still have a long way to go.  I'm trying to do a little bit every day and I can see progress.  This is the most hand quilting I think I will have ever done in a quilt.  It is such a special quilt but it still speaks to me :).
Stay warm, happy stitching, stay healthy.
Until next time,


Heather said...

This will be my first year to try Bonnie's Mystery. My SIL and I both decided it would be a fun project to work in "together" and we were going to wait to start in January but be are. Both feeling the urge to begin so she started today and I will start tomorrow. We are also each changing the colors so it should be interesting! The quilting in your Jubilee quilt is spectacular.

Karen said...

I have not many any of the mystery quilts though a couple were oh so interesting. I am not good at mystery quilts. Like you, I wanted to see the end product before investing time and money into a quilt I might not like.

audrey said...

I almost started Bonnie's mystery quilt, but I have way too many started (or that I'm wanting to start). It's looking very interesting so far. Love how your Jubilee quilt is looking. You are putting a tremendous amount of work into it. Very, very special.:)

Ruth said...

Good for you - on both projects! I would like to make Bonnie's mystery quilt and have been saving the instructions, but with another trip coming up and getting ready for Christmas, there's no way. I am enjoying the Christmas mystery quilt from 2009 - it was in Quiltmaker magazine. Your hand quilting is amazing.

Janan said...

I dont think I could ever make a mystery quilt without at least a "peek" I know, then it wouldnt be a mystery!!!!
I love love love the jubilee quilt, so awesome!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Your jubilee quilt is stunning!!!!! Love your pickle dish also. I am going to start a pickle dish in 2014 as a scrap challenge. Should be interesting!

Debra Anger said...

Your hand quilting will be well worth it. The crosshatching is gorgeous!
Good luck with the mystery!