Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reaching a Leader Ender Goal and Some Apple Pickin'

I found out about Leaders and Enders (Bonnie Hunter) a few years ago.  Last year after a post about all my little HST's, Karen from Log Cabin Quilter emailed me to see if I'd be interested in a bag of lots of little triangles waiting to become HST's.  Of course I said yes.  I got the bag of triangles along with a few blocks already done. And so I started a journey that has taken almost a year to finish.  Not sure what this pattern is called.  Karen started this project, made 5 of these blocks, and then they came to live in Pensacola with me. 
I'm happy to say that all the little triangles are DONE!!  I haven't counted them but trust me, there are lots and lots of them. I'm not going to make the original pattern but I will use all these HST's in lots of  future projects. 
I'm playing around with some ideas using the blocks already done. I added this border and kind of like it.  I'm trying hard not to get too distracted as I still have things to finish.  So thank you Karen, for getting me hooked on leader/enders and for gifting me such a great bag of inspiration :).
Next, I used these blocks as a leader/ender project.  I now have 9 more souvenir blocks for the guild.  I call this block Flower Boxes even though we have had many different themes.  These are red, white and blue and will be sold in the boutique at our quilt show next year.
And since I've become such a fan of leaders/enders, and since I've finished all my HST's, and the souvenir blocks, I needed a new project.  The coolest thing about leaders and enders is that as you're making one quilt, you end up with two!!  This is an oriental style quilt made from Kim Brackett's book, Scrap Basket Beauties.  The pattern is Cross My Heart.  So easy, so fast, so fun, so Kim.  A very welcome relief from all the angst of working on this......
I'm in the process of adding a small pieced border. I've been calling this Pink Pickles - kind of a funny name, but I think it's stuck.  Still thinking about quilting designs - any help from any of you machine quilters will be greatly appreciated.
 And last, but certainly not least, my four babies.  They look a little hot and tired, but they all got together at an apple orchard south of Hendersonville, NC last weekend.  They had fun picking and eating apples - and James found quite a few trees to climb.  Jack is getting so big - I miss them all.  And yes, my DDIL made their shirts.
Happy stitching,


audrey said...

Looks like you are having fun! I always enjoy my open ended projects the most, no matter how frustrated I get during the process.:)

QuiltSue said...

You're going to have a wonderful HST quilt one day. I love the name Pink Pickles, and it looks like its going to be a great quilt.

The photo of your 4 grandchildren all together is wonderful.

Carla said...

Oh, you know that I am also a big fan of leader/enders and have made so many quilts that way. Karen, your grandchildren are so adorable!

FlourishingPalms said...

Funny, but I started piecing L&Es almost two years ago, for a quilt, and I'm still not done! Guess is makes a different when your L&E's are cut 1-1/2" square! I have 80 plus 16-patch blocks so far, so I think I'm about ready to sew them into a quilt top. Pink Pickles is a great name, and I'd love to brainstorm quilting ideas with you. I see feathers - four separate ones - turning in a counter-clockwise fashion on the inside of the inverted squares, where the block corners meet. (Tough to describe.) That's where I'd start, and leave the oval pickles and triangles until later. Your grandies look so precious, and they're all together! That hasn't happened for our two families for 2-1/2 years! I have no idea when they will ever be all together again. That makes me sad.