Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Office Art - Courthouse Steps

My office art is officially hung!!  I've been working for 6 months and I never thought it would take this long.  (Remember I had a hard time finding a border fabric, and then I couldn't decide on a final quilting design).  But the wait is over.
I had 2 bare walls in my new office, this is the smaller one.
The one by my desk is the larger one, the one most people will see. This is also the wall I look at 95% of the time, as I mostly do work on the computer.
Several months ago I brought in a bunch of quilts I already had and auditioned them.  This one worked perfectly.  It was made for a guild challenge a few years ago.  I love the quirky nature of the blue leaves and the asymmetry of the square in a square blocks.  It's always been one of my favorites and I'm thrilled I get to see it hanging.
We moved the bookcase to the corner, and it looks perfect.
I initially thought I would make a tumbler quilt for the big wall, but when I auditioned it, I didn't really like it.  So I decided on the Courthouse Steps, I was working for an attorney after all LOL.  There is a wool rug in my office that gave me the palette for the colors.  The neutrals look great with the wall color.
It is just wonderful that I can look at this all day long.
I get to look at the quilting as the shadows cross it - too bad it never photographs as well as it looks in person.  No surprise that I put the kitty where I could see it up close :).  It's at the top of the middle block.
And here's the kitty in the small piece - so fun
This is the view from my desk of the huge downtown metropolis of Pensacola!!  I'm on the 7th floor which gives me this great view.  The building on the left is the Courthouse -
and hidden behind that bush are the............ Courthouse Steps!!  How cool is that?

Even better than getting to look at my quilts all day, is the fact that my boss is totally on board with this.  He has mentioned several times that he really likes the way the quilts look. He was not really familiar with "wall art quilts" and I think it was a pretty big stretch for him to agree.  So it makes me even happier that what makes me happy also got a big thumbs up from him.
Have a great day,


pcflamingo said...

Courthouse Steps - perfect! Looks just right. No, scratch that, looks beautiful.

Angie said...

Both quilts look great, but having all those Courthouse Steps fabrics to gaze at every day will be joyous! Thanks for the picture-postcard views of P'cola, too! And now I'm off to the courthouse steps myself - jury duty calls.

Terry said...

Your quilts look wonderful on the walls of your office! :0)

Pokey said...

Beautiful! And so apropos, to have the "Courthouse" quilt there. Any room is brighter with a quilted artpiece, yours look great!

regan said...

Both quilts look fantastic in those spots! And no doubt, your boss is going to be asking for a quilt for his space, too! lol

audrey said...

I think a lot of people are unfamiliar with the idea of quilts as 'wall art'. So great for you that you were able to hang them where you work and enjoy them everyday! I LOVE the quirky applique one and the courthouse steps quilt is of course very amazing in it's own way. Great contrast.:)

Janet said...

It's nice to see where you work. Your walls needed some art and they look just perfect!

Karen said...

Courthouse Steps a perfect choice for the type office you work in. I like the straight lines and then curvy lines of quilting.

Carla said...

Perfect art for your wall, Karen. Your work is so lovely and should be enjoyed by anyone who comes into your office! BTW, did you ever get another kitty?

Ruth said...

Yes! It is perfect for a lawyer's office and looks wonderful. I have a mini courthouse step quilt at home that makes me happy, so I know how you feel, sort of.

Janan said...

I love both quilts! Thanks for sharing the view of downtown.
I think you made a good choice with the border fabric!

FlourishingPalms said...

These look beautiful in the spaces! Or I should say, the spaces look beautiful because of these quilts?! They're perfect. It's really quite wonderful that your boss was onboard with your suggestion to add decor with quilts. Excellent, Karen! You deserve a raise, don't you?

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