Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Almost Done

It almost seems silly that I've spent so much time debating about the quilting on this wallhanging, but that's behind me now and I'm almost done.  Yay!!!  I'm sewing the binding down, then I'll add a hanging sleeve and finally take it to my office.  I do love the way the corners have turned out with this striped border.  Exactly what I was hoping for.
After finishing the row of feathers, I stalled.  This has been draped over a quilt stand as I have stared at it for weeks - willing it to tell me what to do!  I tried several different ideas and ripped them out.  Last week I was walking thru the garage and saw a roll of 1" blue painters tape sitting there and that was it.  I decided to use the tape as a guide and sew 1" diagonal rows in the 4 corners and be done with it!
It looks "just fine".  Not sure what I was hoping for, but this isn't an heirloom piece.  I guess I wanted to do the best I could as I do think clients will see it when they first walk in the office and I wanted my boss to be pleased.
So the next pictures of this will be when it's hanging in my office :).  After all the angst I hope I like it.  Oh well, I still have the tumbler quilt as a back up if I don't!
Have a great day,


audrey said...

It looks wonderful! I don't see how your boss would be anything but pleased to see that hanging on the wall!

Kathie said...

Quilting looks great. Love this quilt. Ok had to smile. I have been collecting leaves too!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

absolutely fantastic!!!

Every Stitch said...

Well done Karen - it is a great finish! I love the stripes in the corner too - beautifully lined up too.

Janet said...

Fabulous finish I say. How lucky you are that you can enjoy your quilt at work too.

Janan said...

The quilt looks great finished, and I am sure all your clients will love it! It turned out beautiful, and I think the design looks great.

Ruth said...

I think it's perfect for a lawyer's office!

Kim Brackett said...

It's perfect! I'm so glad you finished it so you can hang it for everyone to enjoy. I can't wait to see how it looks in your office.

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