Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Road Trip Project

We got back last week from a short, impromptu trip to Charlotte to see our kids and grandkids :).  Always fun, and always a time to spend the 9 hour (each way) road trip working on a hand project.  I have decided to go back to my brights and start making leaves.
Right now I'm just making them and starting to formulate a plan.  All I know at this point is that it will have a pieced center and appliqued vines with leaves.
I'm pretty much using everything in my tote of brights.
My favorite method (at the moment) of hand applique is to prep the pieces using templates.  I thread baste them, then press and pop out the template.  This says "L" for large, I'm using S,M, and L leaves.
As you can see, it doesn't look like my bag has been touched and I made over 200.  These were all some of the leftover 2 1/2" strips from previous projects.
Remember last summer when I helped Cameron make a miniature of my Happy Quilt?  These are the same fabrics.
The reason to go to  Charlotte was to see these little people (and also the big people)......
they are so precious.   All dressed and ready for church.
Karis was inseperable from Cameron the whole weekend, so sweet.
And we got to see James' last t-ball game :).
And my Mom and Dad came down and spent the day with us - always so special. 
I'm still working on other things, so the leaves is a long term project. 
Have a great day,


LuAnn said...

What a beautiful family! Love how you are prepping those leaves and the bright fabrics.

Every Stitch said...

Love that collection of bright leaves - and thanks for showing how you prepare them. Looking forward to seeing them all together:)

Dianne Mitzel said...

So you were here in Charlotte, no wonder, those babies are adorable. Don't know how you stand to live 9 hrs. your leaves, a great way to stay busy on a long car trip. Your family is lovely.

Ruth said...

Fun weekend and productive on the trip. I can't do a lot of sewing while traveling in our truck - too bumpy, but could probably handle the basting like you did. I have been doing leaf shapes with spray on starch, which works well, but of course you need an iron for that. So I will keep your method in mind. I can work on hexies in the truck, though and have been knitting as well. We are visiting our oldest son now & were able to attend a recital for our GS last night, so that was good.

Janan said...

Sounds like you had a fun time with the visit to the grands! They are so beautiful, and I'm sure all of you enjoyed the visit. I'm sure it is hard for you that ya'll are so far away from each other. I am intrigued by the leaves. Thanks for sharing your technique, you ironed on the freezer paper template to the back?
Sounds so easy, but how do you get the sharp points on the ends?

Vivian said...

Family time is the best. It's a beautiful family, Karen.
I'm sure Cameron remembers last summer fondly, quilting with you. Looking forward to when my granddaughter is old enough to do the same.
I like your comment about your favorite applique method--at the moment. We're a flexible group of folks, aren't we?

FlourishingPalms said...

Those leaves are crazy beautiful! What fun for you! So glad you could be with family again. Nothing beats that!