Saturday, April 27, 2013

Courthouse Steps Update

                                                          After a long search, I finally decided on a border fabric.  Thanks to my recent trip to Morgan City, LA and a visit to their LQS "The Quilt Cupboard", I found this beautiful stripe.  A stripe or border fabric had been my first instinct, but I didn't have anything like that in my stash, and hadn't found the right piece.  After adding a small brown inner border I was ready to quilt.

                                                            I decided not to do an overall and not to hand quilt.  That leaves me in a very uncomfortable place, way out of my comfort zone - custom quilting.  I'm still not very good at this, despite having recently read several great books on the topic of customizing your machine quilting.

I made the decision to quilt it on point but now I'm seriously re-thinking that.  My question is do the feathers look to big?  I still kind of like the idea of feathers, but not sure of the size.  Thoughts??

I like the way the center part looks.  The math didn't come out exactly perfect, but I'm okay with that.


                                                          I'm really happy with the way the corners turned out and the colors in the border.  It's brown, cream and a very soft, browned pink.
Now, I need to decide whether to keep going in this direction, or rip out and start again. 
Happy Saturday - it's a beautiful day in Pensacola.
P.S. Please excuse the spacing - blogger isn't cooperating for me today :).


regan said...

I'm loving that center quilting! And I think those feathers are a great size and shape! They add so much to it, together with the center lines! Fantastic, Karen! And that border fabric is gorgeous....just right for it! This is awesome!!!!

Vivian said...

Lovely selection for your border fabric, Karen. I like the narrow brown border first, then those dramatic stripes.
You've replicated the stripes with your center quilting lines. That's a great look, and I like the size of your feathers. But if you're not happy with them, now's the time to take out and redo. Been there, done that. It's tedious, but better to have quilting that satisfies you. I like it all!!

Karen said...

The stripe border a perfect addition. As far as the quilting, it is hard to tell from the picture about the size but I sure wouldn't try ripping it out. I think it will be fine.

Janan said...

I don't know much about machine quilting, but I really like the center design. The border fabric is absolutely perfect!