Friday, March 8, 2013

I Came Home to This

While I was gone, the azaleas started blooming.  I think they are going to be gorgeous this year.  In case you're wondering, yes, this bush is as big as it looks.  See the road sign in the background, it's probably close to 9 or 10 fee tall.  Beautiful!!
Here's a recap of some of the rest of my Birthday road trip.... a trip to the Seagrove pottery area south of High Point.  What a beautiful winter day, cold but clear, blue skies.  We all came home with treasures.
Then it was time to help Mom with a quilting project.  The ladies at their church are making quilts for the homeless.
Mom got her machine out, and I gave a tutorial on how to bind a quilt using the backing.  We mitered and pinned the corners and she was ready to go.
We all enjoyed the beautiful day sitting at the table.
Does anyone know where to look up the serial numbers for the Singer Featherweights?  This is a sweet little machine.
And then it was time for one last picture.  We loved our visit to High Point and spending time with these precious people.
I wasn't sure I would make it, but I did manage to squeeze in a quick visit to Mary Jo's.
I picked up 12 new Civil War pieces to add to my collection.
I will share next time about my car project and my latest work in progress.
Have a great weekend,


carol said...

carol said...

If I remembered the number correctly it looks like Dec 30 1935. Love the featherweights!

Dianne Mitzel said...

I thought about you today. My daughter and I went to the quilt show here in Charlotte. I looked over and saw a lady who looked so much like you..I remembered that you were back home before I bolted over to speak! It was a great show..Your pictures are great, love the huge azalea bush. I am working on a quilt in the same book as your Nana Girl quilt. I will make that one next..this one is called Blessings from the Hollow. I am loving how it's coming together, trying to do a block a day. Hope your weekend is a great one.

Wendy said...

Looks like a great trip and some sewing as well.

Darlene said...

Lots and lots of wonderful memories made for so many. A delightful birthday, indeed.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Sounds like a really fun birthday trip. Your mom looks well -- love the group pictures.

Quilt Hollow said...

Glad you enjoyed your the weather turns warm here.

Janan said...

Your azalea bush is beautiful. I have daffodils popping up everywhere, and a few azalea buds, but no blooms just yet! Probably this week.
Sounds like you girls had a fun trip and made some memories with mom. You all are so pretty, I don't know your ages, but I am CERTAIN that none of you look your age!
I am sure you could probably google the machine, or maybe check at a local store that sells the Singer machines, if you don't find one, let me know and I can check at one of the local stores here in Dothan, they carry Singer, and his dad used to repair them.

Pokey said...

Isn't it nice to have sit down time with family? I know your Momma appreciated the lesson, too!
The Azalea bush is lovely, Karen! It must make you grin every time you look at it ~

Stephanie said...

I read about that pottery location in my Tea Time magazine. I would love to add a teapot to my wee little "collection." How fun to spend time with family and the charity projects are very heartwarming.