Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Finally Moving Forward

I have finally decided to just push forward with my Jubilee Quilt and not over anyalyze this any more!!  I am so crazy about this quilt and I think that's one reason it has been so hard for me concerning the borders - I've wanted it to be perfect.  After spending so many hours trying to think of different things for the border, I'm ready to be done!
 Deciding to use an element from the central flower was  the start.  I drafted a single bud and then struggled with the size and shape of the leaves.  In the end, it will be what it will be.  I think I will add 2 circles at the bottoms of the arcs - see second flower from left on the top border.  The border still looks like it's lacking something and I think the little berries will help.   I've still got so much to do - including the center motif.  Still working on that one....  It just feels good to be doing something!
 I worked a full day yesterday - first time since my shingles diagnosis.  When I got home I was met with this :).  My DH is out of town and he ordered an early Valentine's present.  I will also be out of town for my birthday in a few weeks, and so he wanted to surprise me!  Thank you honey :).
  He doesn't do this often, so it was so special.  Purple and green, can't go wrong there.  Hope your day is going well,


Every Stitch said...

Wow - that jubilee quilt is stunning - a beautiful border design, well done!

FlourishingPalms said...

You're putting lots of time into this quilt and it shows! Spectacular! How nice to be remembered for Valentine's Day. Lovely colored flowers. So when's your birthday? And what about the year makes your quilt a "Jubilee" quilt?

Terry said...

Your flowers are beautiful! What a great hubby! :0)

Vivian said...

The time and thought and care you're putting into your Jubilee quilt is obvious. It's spectacular, Karen. I'm sure it's easy to over-think what's next. You're putting your heart and soul into this.
Hubbie gets a gold star for that move! The bouquet is beautiful.

Diane said...

the quilt is drool worthy and I am :)
the flowers are so pretty-what a lovely gift, glad to hear you were able to work-hope that means the shingles are fading.

Karen said...

I hope the shingles pain has eased a lot.
I was studying your applique design. I very much like the way the vines wind and curl around. I like your choice for the border design. The flowers (coxcomb shapes) immitate what is on the main body of the quilt. You can be very proud of what you have created thus far.

Janan said...

Oh my Karen, your jubilee is stunning! I love the coxcomb flower design and swirling leaves. The borders are fabulous! You are right on target with your designs, and I KNOW you will hand quilt this baby!! I hope to one day make some type of quilt design using the coxcomb designs. Sew, Sew Vintage!!
Glad to hear your feeling better and what a sweet, sweet, hubby to send those beautiful flowers! I know that made your day.
When is your birthday?
Fayes was Feb 2
and mine was Feb 4!

Rose Marie said...

Your border treatment .... it is perfect!

regan said...

I love the single flower in the border....and the two berries are perfect! Don't you just love how with applique, you can play and play, and not have to commit to anything until you really are sure! I love that! It's going to be a true masterpiece of a quilt! Well done!

And what a sweet hubby.....he's a keeper! :o)

Janet said...

I'm glad you feel good about your project, it's sensational so far. It';s so hard when there are so many choices you could go with but in the end, you do have to make a choice.
Your flowers are beautiful.

Ruth said...

Your Jubilee quilt is just amazing. I can't imagine doing all that hand appliqué, but maybe someday, huh? It will be a family heirloom for sure.

Janan said...

Could you post your "story" about the jubilee quilt? And what it means, and how it got started. . .
Thank you.

Barb said...

Your purple flowers are gorgeous~
how thoughtful!
Glad you were up to working on sewing for a whole day.
Your jubilee project looks great and I love the border.
If you haven't already, please consider doing a post on the Jubilee Blog!

Alison said...

What a stunning quilt - I do hope working on it is good therapy for your body and spirit. It would make my heart sing.

Be well.