Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Sweet Gifts

When my daughter was here several weeks ago, she brought me a belated birthday gift.  She made me this sign out of her personal favorite (at this moment) fabric - Ruby!!  How convenient that it also perfectly matches my studio :)!  She left me the scraps (I think she's hoping for a red and turquoise quilt **wink**).
It sits above my window and is a perfect reminder of her and of this wonderful journey that Nana Girl has brought me on.
This personalized piece was also a birthday gift -  made to match my studio also and written by my DDIL to remind me of why I spend so much time there.  So I have reminders of my daughter and daughter-in-law as I sit and stitch.  Makes me smile.

And a shout out to anyone in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.  My son is starting a new assignment at the Chick-fil-A there.  If you're supporting CFA and you're at the mall, stop by and say hi to John -  be sure to tell him Nana Girl sent you:).
Have a great day,


carol fun said...

What wonderful gifts -- straight from the heart!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Precious, precious gifts.

I LOVE CFA (we plan our trips to the south to include lunch stops at CFA) ... just wish there was one closer. Unfortunately Cedar Rapids is a little too far to drive for lunch today ... but if I were in Cedar Rapids, I'd stop for lunch and to tell John hi!

quilter said...

I did have lunch at CFA yesterday in Charlotte, NC but I lived in Cedar Rapids, IA for many years. I hope your son likes the CR area. Have you been able to visit him in CR?


Linda said...

That "nana girl quilts" hanging is just wonderful! Your daughter did such a good job with it. It's got me to thinking I need a "Flourishing Palms" one for my sewing room. And "YAY" Chick-fil-A! We made sure to eat there on August 1. I think your son will love living in Iowa, except perhaps, for the weather. Some of the nicest people in the US live in Iowa. They're the salt of the earth. All my best to him.

Carla said...

You have some people that really love you and understand you, Karen. Such sweet and special gifts!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Such nice gifts!
Wish you a great new week,

Muhammad Atif said...

Its so cute and fun receiving or giving gifts to kids.