Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Quilt has a Name

Back in January when I took 2 classes from Karen K. Stone, one of the things she talked about was color selection and picking fabrics for a quilt. She described it as an invitation and to ask the question "Who can be invited to the party?"  So I've decided to name this quilt "Come to the Party" since pretty much any fabric made the invitation list LOL!  Here are some of the blocks - it is wild and wonderful :).
Here is the finished (at this point) quilt.  It's 10 blocks across by 13 rows - so 130 blocks.  Next step is to sew the blocks together and finish the top. Then decide if it needs a border.
Here's the magazine that started it all.
My quilt looks so different from this one!!
I changed the sized of the logs slightly to better use the strips I already had. 
What appealed to me about this pattern was that I could use the leftover 1 1/2" strips from my pineapple quilt.  I just had to re-figure some math.  This quilt alternates light and dark for the centers and outside rows.  It's basically all done in taupes - I may have to do another one!! This one is gorgeous!
Couldn't resist sharing again one of my Fireplace quilts.  I just changed it out this morning - this is my summer one and may be my favorite :).  Makes me happy.....
Have a great day,


Dianne Mitzel said...

Love your quilt, so happy and fun! Your blog inspires me each time I visit..come to N.C soon, it's hot today..I would rather it be October!!

Barb said...

Your quilt turned out great and I love the name.
I'm so happy to see that you were inspired by a guilt, but made it your own! Your mantel looks terrific.

Diane said...

great quilt-I have that magazine and remember the quilt-I actually thought I'd be making the cover quilt--haha hasn't happened.
Your fireplace quilt is just beautiful.

Darlene said...

Your happy quilt is adorable. The name is perfect. I remember the pattern in the magazine; caught my eye then I promptly forgot about it. LOL

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I can't believe how many blocks you've already made! I am so loving your wild side!

Karen said...

Wonderful, very different from the magazine, bright, happy and fun!

Linda said...

"Come to the Party" is great! I'd like to see it in person as I'm sure the colors really pop. Yours is better than in the magazine. I bet you'll have fun quilting it. Do you have thoughts about the quilting design?