Sunday, May 6, 2012

A New Project (not for me)

A week ago our backyard looked like this.  My DH had spent several days transplanting the grass from this 12 x 24 ft space.  He claimed his new bionic knee worked great!!
He has been talking about this new workshop for several years now.  We finally decided it was time.
He found a local company that would come and build it on site.  It's very difficult to get to our backyard so we couldn't have something delivered that was already assembled.
Within hours the floor, the walls and the siding were up.
This husband and wife team built this all by themselves.
By lunchtime of the second day, it looked like this.

They finished putting on shingles, windows and doors and by lunchtime of the third day they were finished.
It makes our old shed look like a doll house!
There is a 4 ft. loft on each end.  My DH is in the process of putting in insulation.
It will have electricity and A/C.
He's a happy camper and will have lots of projects to keep him busy for a looooong time :).
Until next time,


Dianne Mitzel said...

A few years ago, we did the same thing, and a husband and wife built ours. It has been a wonderful "retreat" for my husband, it looks great, complete with roses in front, anyone could move right in. I wish we'd done it years ago! I hope he'll enjoy it as much as my sweet man does!

Diane said...

Oh that looks wonderful. My husband would be jealous. (I won't show him).

regan said...

That is the perfect Man Cave! Woohoo!

Janet said...

What a quick and painless build. I guess it'll be the man cave.

Karen said...

It is amazing how fast that building went together. I think someone will be a very happy camper in his new workshop. I think it needs a small fridge with drinks and snacks.

Linda said...

Very neat! Looks like there's plenty of room for some quilting, and even a sleeping loft! That's only if he ends up not liking it and is willing to share. Ha!

Becky said...

That's a great looking shed! Rod's a lucky guy. Hey, I know where you can get a nice barn quilt for the outside! :)

Barb said...

I have total shed envy~!

Vivian said...

My first thought was that you were sharing a new quilting haven, but a man shed is second best. Oh, the great times he will have in it and the wondrous things he can create. More space for you, I assume?
That went up so quickly!