Monday, March 12, 2012

Mom and Dad's Quilts - Part 2

Here's part 2 from my parent's house. I made this little Amish family many years ago. I also did a small Amish "Trip Around the World" quilt for them to put on the bench. It sits in one of their guest rooms.About 15 years ago, I went thru a phase where I made 4 watercolor quilts. Two got finished, two didn't. This wallhanging is in the office space. There's a sky light in this room and it looks good.
The quilting doesn't show at all, but it's a radiating design - like rays of sunlight.
I also did counted cross stitch for many years, this one combines quilts and Amish. My dad has a large collection of Amish things and when I saw this pattern it was the perfect thing for me to make for him.
This wallhanging was made in about 1996 for their living room. About 4 or 5 years ago, I added a lot more quilting to add some more interest. My quilting style has definitely changed over the years and I'm adding a lot more quilting now.
This pattern is always so interesting to me when I see it. My Mom still loves having it hang - makes me smile.
So that's it for part 2 - there's one more post.
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Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Oh I just love all things Amish! You are very talented with all your different crafts! I too am finding myself bringing out older quilts I made and adding more quilting to it. I was slower when I started and just did the minimal quilting. Now I am faster and I want to add to the quilt by adding more quilting to them. I enjoyed your post very much! :)

Quilt Hollow said...

What a fun trip down memory lane for you to see all the things you've gifted them too! I found that when I go home to visit as well.

Linda said...

I see some things similar to what I once had. Those Amish dolls... I had them and they've been donated. The Amish counted cross-stitch... I had a similar piece that I donated. Love the sparkly wall hanging above the sofa. Do you know that name of that block? I've always liked it. Your parents sure have some lovely things you've made. It's so nice that they display them and that you can visit them too.

Vivian said...

I've enjoyed both of your posts about the quilted and crafted things made for your parents. I'm looking forward to the next installment. It's easy to see the caring daughter you are, as you describe all the personal touches included in the quilts and such. That's the best kind of gift--one with a personal connection. They know it was made just for them.

QuiltSue said...

It must be so interesting to go back and take a trip down memory lane. Your parents are very lucky to have all these things you made.

Ruth said...

Very lovely! I especially love the Amish items. I have one Amish cross stitch (quilts for sale) that I cross stitched and one barn that I didn't finish (now I can't find the chart & directions). I also have the fabric for making 2 Amish dolls. I wish I would get busy and make them!

Karen said...

I was never any good at making water color quilts. I sewed one for a friend one time that was very creative but she laid the whole thing out and I just did the sewing part. We don't see much of water color quilts being made now.