Monday, January 30, 2012

Next Mystery Clue

I do not know where time goes!! I've been working on this project - it's got so many little pieces :)!! These little blocks are 2 1/2" high - pretty little but soooo cute. I needed to make 84 of them - not too bad.
Here they are compared to the big one which is 6" high. These colors are so warm and wonderful. This is another scrap quilt that will be made completely from my stash - love those "free quilts"!!!
I thought I'd give you the update on my ironing board cover. I got lots of wonderful ideas. So far, I've cut a piece of fabric and pinned it to the old cover. Actually it works pretty good and is so much better than that old thing!! At some point I'm sure I'll get tired of looking at it this way and finish it. This is the life of someone who is NOT "Type A" - stuff like this just doesn't bother me.
So I'm sewing away. I'll post another mystery clue soon. It's a published pattern ...any ideas so far????
Have a great day,


Karen said...

I was going to guess that it might be Patchalot's Indian Paintbrush quilt pattern. It has those shapes in the border. But I don't see any big ones of that shape.

Kathie said...

no idea! love the little blocks though! pyramids!
tree tops?

regan said...

I think your ironing board cover is perfect! And with pins....when you get tired of it, it's so easily changed! Like magic! lol

Stuff like that never bothers me, either.....but then again, it makes my hubby crazy, so I usually can't leave things like that. Do it as long as you can!

Pieces to Love said...

I have no clue on the pattern, but your squares look like cute little tee pee's all lined up.

Terry said...

I have no idea what you're making, but whatever it is, it's going to be beautiful! I do love those colors! :0)

Vivian said...

The fabrics are warm and lovely, and I have no idea which quilt you're making. I'm guessing the triangles aren't a lot of sails on itty bitty boats. Maybe parts of a forest? Thanks for the large block for comparison.