Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Little Red at Home

My Little Red looks so cute hanging in my living room. I'm going to have to get used to not having a big wall at the office to display my "office art". I may have to make some smaller quilts :). There are so many cute mini quilts out there, it will be hard to pick. That will have to wait as my plate is full with other things (lots of fun things I might add)!!
Here are two more Karen Stone quilts. I was sitting all the way in the back so some of them are not the best, but you get the idea.
She is such a master at color and technique. It's amazing!! Makes My Little Red look a little subdued..... that is my favorite part about quilting - it's all wonderful!
Have a great day,


Karen said...

Did I miss something? Why don't you have a big wall at work any longer?

I like the quilt you have on your wall. Was it hard to make? I am full of questions!

Linda said...

I'm sorry you no longer have an office wall to call your own, but your red quilt DOES look very nice in your home. Thanks for sharing pictures of Karen Stone's quilts. They truly are wonderful to see. We can all aspire to such a talent for picking colors!

Terry said...

Those quilts are all so pretty! I like mini quilts...they're a challenge and they always look so amazing when they're done.

Vivian said...

It's unfortunate that you've reached a fork in the road where you're no longer sharing your wonderful quilts with others as you used to. But we enjoy seeing them.
I'm afraid I would have been hyperventilating a bit, looking at the Karen Stone quilts. Such a great opportunity to be able to see some of her work in person.

QuiltSue said...

You're right. Little Red looks as though it's exactly where it should be!

Carla said...

Pretty, petty quilts. The Karen Stone projects are great...I have both those Patterns...note, I emphasize Patterns...had them a lonnnnng time! LOL!!