Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mountain Vacation Project #1

This is not my vacation project. I actually finished this top last summer at the quilt retreat in Mobile, AL. It's still waiting to be quilted......sigh.
Anyway, even after making this quilt from the scraps of the 7 other Amy Butler quilts I'd made, there was still a considerable pile of scraps just waiting to be used. I almost think these things multiply when you're not looking!! (Now that I've basically finished the jacket and I still have this pile left, I'm thinking of some string blocks might be in my future :)!!!)

Back to the vacation project. So I decided to rescue an old pink sweatshirt from the goodwill pile and use my pile of scraps to make a sweatshirt jacket. This is what the outside looks like during construction. I have tried to start this project before, but by the time I get home from work, it seems kind of overwhelming to start. So getting away on vacation was the perfect time to start this.

This is the inside. I forgot to take pictures of the steps so I'll show the pattern pictures.

I'm using the pattern "I Can't Believe its' a Sweatshirt" by Back Porch Press. I love this pattern - I've made it three times for me plus once for my sister. I've also taught two workshops on this technique.

This is what the sweathsirt looks like when you first cut it apart and start sewing on the blocks.

You just keep layering blocks until you like the look. Then you quilt in wavy lines going in both directions.

Here's my progress so far, just starting to quilt.

I got all 4 sections basically basted with just a few lines of quilting before I left NC. Now it's all ready for me to just do the machine quilting.

It takes quite a while to do all the stitching, but once the blocks are positioned, it's pretty easy.

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Stephanie said...

Great use of your scraps. I love Amy Butler fabrics. I love Lotus and Soul Blossoms. They're my favorite lines so far but I see she has a new line coming out called Lark. Can't wait.

Angie said...

I have that pattern - it's been on my "to do" list forever! Wish I could've attended one of your workshops, I might actually have a finished jacket now! Thanks for the slideshow!

Vivian said...

Friends have made that pattern, and everybody loves her finished jacket. Amy Butler fabrics just make me smile. Definitely a fun, useful way to use the scraps.

Pokey said...

Won't you love wearing this one? It's gonna be so cute!