Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Thoughts

It's hard to believe that I've just passed my one year mark for my blog. It has been so amazing to me to meet and "talk" with people from all parts of the country and all over the world. Some of you I feel have become friends and that's an amazing thing to me. I'm looking forward to 2011- there is such hope to see a whole year stretched out in front of you. I've been reading alot of blogs where people are listing their projects for the new year. It's fun to see all the potential, but there seems to be such pressure on us as quilters to finish all the projects. Years ago, we simply curled up and spent months either hand piecing or hand quilting our projects (or at least I did). I know times have changed, but I hope we can resist putting such productivity pressure on ourselves and find the joy in the journey. Having said that..... here's my project I would love to finish this year. And I'm completely stuck!!!

I finished piecing this quilt in about 2002, had it basted and started hand quilting it. And here it still sits :(.. My friend Kim and I made this as a joint project together and of course, she finished hers and gave it away - hand quilted mind you LOL!!

Can you see all the great Robyn Pandolph fabrics (I remember we were obsessed with her fabrics).

Here's the back art (love it!!).

Here you can see some of the quilting. It's the orange peel pattern.

Most of the markings have evaporated off the front, so even if I wanted to finish, I can't see them any more.

Thanks for listening and sharing this journey with me.

Until next time, make something beautiful.



Carla said...

Happy New Year, karen! Your quilt is so so lovely. I recall making some of those postage stamp baskets (is that the name?) and that RP fabric! I'm in awe of your hand quilting! When I took my first quilting lessons in 1980, the teacher told us that she set a timer for 30 minutes (or whatever) each day and hand quilted just that long to get her things finished. Would that work for you?

Darlene said...

I love this post, Karen. I've spent many hours thinking about my quilting journey. Your post struck a chord with my thoughts - thank you!

You'll finish that quilt - baby steps! :-)

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

happy new year karen! the quilt looks great! hand quilted! Bless your heart!

Janet said...

I hope you feel like picking it up again one day, it's very beautiful. The process is what it's about for me, finishes are a bonus. Do what you love and happy blogiversary.

Vivian said...

The beauty of the basket quilt is obvious. The fabrics are lovely. I agree with what others have written above -- baby steps, a bit at a time. I'm sure you'll get it done some time in 2011. It's too beautiful to be forgotten.
Happy blog anniversary. The year has gone by quickly. Your blog is always positive, inspirational, and a joy to read.
Happy New Year!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Wow! I've missed a lot of posts over here! The baskets are making me so sentimental. I do visit my basket quilt from time to time, and dearly love it. What a fun memory!